This is a list of the episodes for Happy Days Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Day Card Attack Main Cure Villain Air Date
01 Watashino Unmei o Kaeta Hi. Kyua Sandē Debyū!
"A Day that Changed My Destiny. Cure Sunday's Debut!"

Sunday Card

Cheery Day Card

Sun Smile Miku Sui 2019-01-28
An ordinary day of Yoda Miku, the 2nd year student in Lucky Deam Middle School... turned into a day that changed her destiny. A day that became really strange, starting with meeting menacing girls and a cute toy-like creature, being supported by her smartest classmate Nori Junko and ending with Miku turning into a legendary warrior Cure Sunday and battling against evil.
02 Kyua Mondē ni Omakase! Wakatta?
"Leave It to Cure Monday! Got it?"

Monday Card

Hard Work Day Card

Mon Purification Junko Sui 2019-02-04
Miku asks Junko an apology for being so inattentive, after what Junko gets to Miku to tell her who exactly is Cure Sunday. Since Junko knows about Cure Sunday's real identity, Miku decides she should become the second Cure.
03 Miryoku-Tekina Utsukushi-sa! Kyua Tyusudē!
"Charming Beauty! Cure Tuesday!"

Tuesday Card

Beautiful Day Card

Tue Charm Oki Sui 2019-02-11
04 WakuWaku shita! Suiyōbi no Subarashī Gifuto!
"Excited! Wednesday's Wonderful Gift!"

Wednesday Card

Exciting Day Card

Wed Surprise Suzume Hasen 2019-02-18
While the Cures are fighting Fuunna, a 12 year old strange girl called Niwa Suzume who seems to be really excited and happy is drawing them instead of running away from the monster. When Fuunna is defeated the Cures learn about Week's being lost, while in fact he was taken by Suzume.
05 Anata ga Purikyua!? Sorekara-tachi o Sukuu!
"You are a Pretty Cure!? Save Us Then!"

Thursday Card

Energetic Day Card

Thur Attack Shina Hasen 2019-02-25
14 year old Tatsuya Shina a student at the same school like Miku and Junko's decides to join the school's soccer team for girls. She get hurt her leg while playing so Miku helps Shina to stand up and cheers on her till the end of the soccer game. Junko mentiones Shina's athletic skills and offers Week to make her the fifth Cure.
06 Utagai Kara Deru! Watashi wa Mottomo Suzushī Kyuadesu!
"Get Out of a Doubt! I am the Coolest Cure!"

Friday Card

Magical Day Card

Fri Spell Rena Hasen 2019-03-01
07 Mezame! Saigo no Kyua Doyōbi ni Umarete Iru!
"Awoken! The Last Cure is Born on Saturday!"

Saturday Card

Lazy Day Card

Sat Daydream Yuko Sui 2019-03-08
08 Kentō no Nayami? Junko wa Koko ni aru!
"Study Trouble? Junko's Here!"
Boring Day Card Mon Purification Junko Sui 2019-03-15
09 Ōrudo Raibaru!? Rena to Oki no Yūjō Shinjitsu!
"Old Rivals!? The Truth of Rena and Oki's Friendship!"
Challenge Day Card Fri Spell Rena Hasen 2019-03-22
10 Garasu no Sekai de Ushinawareta!? Akushon-chū no Maria!
"Lost in a World of Glass!? Maria in Action!"
Tricky Day Card Sun Smile - Maria 2019-03-29
11 Rīdā no Sutoresu. Tadashī Kidō ni Chīmu o Ukekata ni Tsuite?
"Leader's Stress. How to Get the Team on a Right Track?"
Harmony Day Card Sun Smile Miku Sui 2019-03-10
12 Yatte Mimashou... ~Dorīmu Kēki no Reshipi! Happī Bāsudē, Suzume!
"Let's Do It... ~Dream Cake Recipe! Happy Birthday, Suzume!"
Birth Day Card Wed Surprise Suzume Maria 2019-03-17
13 Kikitakunai! Miku no Anrakkī Dē!
"I don't want to listen! Miku's Unlucky Day!"
Overcoming Day Card Sun Smile Miku Sui


14 Yūrei ga Deru o Tomari... Do no Yōna Chikyū-jō no!?
"Haunted Sleepover... What on Earth!?"
Day Card Thur Attack -




15 2019-04-07
16 2019-04-14
17 Wārudo Izu Main! Hatsune Miku to shite Miku?
"World is Mine! Miku as Hatsune Miku?"
18 2019-
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21 2019-
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23 2019-
24 2019-

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