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Hanayama Iris


Cure Romatin Pose

Sorrow Romatin

Hanayama Airisu
Personal Info
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Crimson
SeiyuuItou Shizuka
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Romatin
Item(s)Floretta Pen
Weapon(s)Cure Stars
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green

Hanayama Iris (花山アイリス Hanayama Airisu?) is the lead cure of Floretta Pretty Cure!. Iris is a klutz but very good at art and other creative stuff. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Romatin, the flower of the emotion of creativity whose theme colour is green. She utilizes the power of light and hope. Her catchphrase is So Epic! (だから叙事詩! Dakara jojishi!?)


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As a civilian, Iris has shoulder-length dark green hair tied into twintails and crimson coloured eyes. Her casual wear is a green poofy sleeved top with a dark green star imprinted onto it. Her trousers are a teal and her shoes are lime green flats.

Cure Romatin

While transformed, her hair is longer and a lighter as well as a brighter green compared to her civilian alias and her eyes are now green. Her wear consists of a one sleeved midriff baring top with a spring green colour and a bow is attached to the top with a dark green star in the center. TBA


Iris is a klutz but very good at art and other creative stuff. She can also be classed as ditsy and a daydreamer.

As well as these characteristics, Iris has a strong sense of justice especially when she was protecting Alani from bullies when the two just met as children. Also, Iris is light on her feet making her quick, which is an advantage as Cure Romatin so she can dodge enemy attacks rapidly.


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Cure Romatin

"Creativity! The emotion of the green flower! Cure Romatin!"
Sōzō-sei! Midori no hana no kanjō! Kyuaromatin!

Cure Romatin Pose
Cure Romatin (キュアロマティン Kyuaromatin?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Iris. As Cure Romatin, she utilizes the power of light and hope, represents creativity and her theme colour is green. Her main attack is Romatin Explosion, in which she needs her Cure Star to perform.


  • Romatin Explosion (ロマティンエクスプロージョン Romatin'ekusupurōjon?) is Cure Romatin's main purification attack.

Sorrow Romatin

"Darkness! The sign of despair! Sorrow Romatin!"
闇! 絶望の兆し! 悲しみロマティン!
Yami!Zetsubō no kizashi! Kanashimi romatin!

Sorrow Romatin
Sorrow Romatin (悲しみロマティン Kanashimi romatin?) is the evil form of Cure Romatin after Iris was consumed by darkness summoned by Azure. In this form, Romatin had no emotion whatsoever but also had a deep hatred for the Pretty Cure. As well as that, her powers are very much over powered and stronger than the Pretty Cure's. She is purified by Cure Aloe's Aloe Nebula and Aloe words of hope and friendship.


Hanayama (花山?) translates to "Floral Mountain" with meaning "flower" or "floral" and meaning "mountain".

Iris (アイリス?) can either mean:

  • "The goddess of the rainbow, who acted as a messenger of the gods", which can refer to Floretta Pretty Cure!'s theme of rainbows.
  • "A plant with sword-shaped leaves and showy flowers, typically purple, yellow, or white. Native to both Eurasia and North America, it is widely cultivated as an ornamental", which can also refer to the theme of flowers shown in Floretta!.

Therefore, Iris' name means "floral mountain iris".

Cure Romatin is French for "Rosemary".


Iris' voice actress, Itou Shizuka, has participated in several character songs for the character she plays.




  • Iris is the first lead cure with the theme colour of green
  • Iris is the second lead cure with an English name, preceeded by Momozono Love.
  • Iris is rumored to be the exact opposite of Noir, one of the antagonists
  • Iris' birthday has been confirmed to be on the 11th August.
  • In the Pretty Cure All Stars Gemstone Card Collection, Iris is represented by the jade; which symbolizes five virtues: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, bravery and honesty.


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