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Hanasora Yuto
Hanasora yūto
Personal Information
Hair Color Crimson
Eye Color Silver
RelativesMiyamoto Serena (girlfriend)
Hanasora Akira (oldest son)
Hanasora Poppy & Miki (twin daughters)
Hanasora Yuzu (younger daughter)
Anime Information
SeasonNatural Paradise Pretty Cure!
Natural Paradise Pretty Cure! Starlight!
First AppearanceNPPC01
SeiyuuMatsuoka Yoshitsugu

Hanasora Yuto花空ユート」 is a supporting character in Natural Paradise Pretty Cure! and is the father of Hanasora Akira, Poppy, Miki and Yuzu whilst being boyfriend of Miyamoto Serena. Yuto is a famous music producer and even works at the same music studio as his girlfriend. He is also quite a trickster and often pulls tricks on his children to see their smiling faces.





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