Hanano Yuri
花の ユリ
Hanano Yuri
Personal Information
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceNiji Mikushi
RelativesHanano Sakura

Hanano Haru

Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuKanda Akemi

Hanano Yuri (花の ユリ Hanano Yuri) is a supporting character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. She's mother of Hanano Sakura.


She has green eyes and orange hair. her hair is medium and tied into a low ponytail with a pink scruchies.


She's very talkative and curious. But luckily, so is her daughter. She loves to talk. She mostly stay at home, but she also works as consultant for people who need their garden to look nicer and sometimes she works to tend it. Her favorite flower is cherry blossom and that's the reason she gave Sakura that name.


Hanano Sakura - Both always have dinner and breakfast together. They always tell each other stories of what happened that day, what they saw, hear or even talk about the past. She once saw Sakura as a cure and said that she looks like her daughter. Up until now, there is a chance that she actually know Sakura's indentity.



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