Hanano Atsushi
ハナノ アツシ
Hanano Atsushi
Personal Information
Birthday DateApril 17
Hair ColorDark brown (Atsushi)

Black with pink strikes (Nova Spring)

Eye ColorDark Brown (Atsushi)

Orange (Nova Spring)

Home PlaceMars
RelativesHanano Koji (Father) (Missing)

Hanano Ayame (Mother) (Missing) Fujisaki Haruka (Adoptive Mother)

Alter EgoNova Spring
Super FormZenith Nova Spring
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonSeasonal Change! PreCure NoVA
First AppearanceSCPCN01
SeiyuuShimazaki Nobunaga

Hanano Atsushi (花野 あつし?)is the lead cure and protagonist of Seasonal Change! PreCure NoVA. His alter ego is Nova Spring (ノヴァスプリング?).


Atsushi has dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair. He is usually seen wearing the male school uniform of Martian Interstellar Academy. If not, he wears a blue hooded sweater, blue jeans and black sneakers. In summer, he wears a white printed T-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers.


He enjoys doing experiements of all sorts and he was a little bit girly and shy. His grades are average-leveled, but he usually get straight A's in Intergrated Science.


Past life

He is a 14 year old boy in the first year of high school with a shy and girly personality. His favorite thing is fun experiements.

Meeting Dawn and Maé and Becoming Nova Spring

In episode 1, he met Dawn and Maé, the princesses of Lyra Kingdom. He thought it was fun and he told that to his best friend, Hinabe Tsukasa. After that, he realized that he was chosen to be the next guardians of Mars.


Hinabe Tsukasa: Atsushi's best friend

Hanano Koji: Atsushi's father (He was missing after a mine in Jupiter collapsed)

Hanano Ayame: Atsushi's mother

Harusawa Minami: Atsushi's grandmother and the previous cure who holds the Spring power

Fujisaki Haruka: Atsushi's adoptive mother

Nova Spring


He transfroms using his Nova Device and his transformation phrase is " Pretty Cure! Seasonal Change!" And her introduction is: "The flower blooming in the warm sunlight! Nova Spring!"


He use his Earth Spear as his device to attack.


  • His surname is Hanano (花野?), which means "flower fields". His name is Atsushi (あつし?), in this case, it is written in hiragana, so it can have many meanings. A popular way to write this in kanji is 敦, which means "honest".


  • He is the first male cure in the franchise.
  • His theme color is pink, and it defies that pink is not only for girls.
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