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Hanadera Anna
Hanadera Anna
花寺 アンナ
TitleCreator of my series
Birthday DateMarch 19th
Eye Color Blush Pink
Hair Color Blush Pink
Home PlaceSukoyaka City

Hanadera Anna is the pen name of User:CureUnicornAikatsuIdol who is the little sister of Hanadera Nodoka.

About Anna

  • Hair Color:Blush Pink
  • Eye Color:Blush Pink
  • Age:12 (underage;I am very sorry for being underage! Please forgive me! Please?! I'm begging you! Otherwise,I will cry a big river!😭)
  • Personality:Cheerful,kind,caring,fun,calm and confident.


  • My friends
  • My family
  • Magical girl manga and anime
  • Pretty Cure (my most fav magical girl series)
  • Achieving my goals
  • Things that are ''girly''


  • People not following my rules
  • Bullying
  • Problems
  • People making rip-offs of my series
  • Things that are ''boyish''



  • If people don't follow her rules,she transforms into her alter ego,Cure Adorable (キュ かわいらしい Kyua ədôrəbəl?) whose theme color is pastel pink and charm pink.

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