Ellie and her dreams. Let's do it together! is fourth episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure New Generation.


Futaba and Sakura were talking about Pretty Cure when suddenly Ellie join them. They stoped talking about Pretty Cure and Hoped that she didn't heard them. They started to talk but Ellie made Sakura and Futaba felt bad agin so Futaba said to her that she hate her, and to stop calling her with her name. Ellie was sad and ran away. Futaba was worried because she knew that she didn't do the right thing. Futaba went home in her room and didn't even came out for a dinner. Sakura was very worried about her. Ellie was sad also. She went to the park and was thinking about Futaba and Sakura. She ran in Kurumi Erika. She asked her what's wrong, but Ellie was to sad to answer. Erika noticed that and wanted to help her. She thought that she is maybe Futaba's classmate so she went to Tsubomi's house to asked her if Futaba is home. Tsubomi told her that Futaba doesn't want to come out her room. Sakura also came to visit Futaba but she didn't open the door of her room. She telled Tsubomi and Erika what happend. Tsubomi said that Ellie remainds her of Erika, when she met her. Erika was sure that Ellie is the girl she met in park. She tried to search for her but she couldn't find her. Latter she saw Sarinna took her Heart Flower. Just at the same time, Sakura came with Rose and transform in Cure Primrose to fight desetarian. Flower an Bloom went to Futaba's room and telled her, that Sarinna took Ellie's heart flower. Futaba ran in park and transform to help Sakura. They fought desatarian when it suddenly started to speak about Ellie's worries. Futaba started to feel bad again, but Sakura telled her that this isn't her fault. Together they use Floral Power Fortessimo to defeat desetarian. They return heart flower to Ellie and they apologized to each other. After thar they became friends. At the same time Tsubomi and Erika were talking about new generation. 


  • Hanasaki Futaba/Cure Lily
  • Samokoto Sakura/Cure Primrose
  • Ayanato Ellie
  • Kurumi Erika
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi
  • Sarinna
  • Rose
  • Flower
  • Bloom


  • Myōdō Academy's Middle School
  • Hanasaki Flower shop
  • Park

Major events

  • Futaba and Sakura became friends with Ellie.
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