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You'd think that there would be a happy ending to this unfortunate fairy tale.
—Grimm in the "Prologue"
Grimm profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Also known as Yoichin (by Ryouta)
Home Place Shadow Domain
Birthday October 31
Zodiac Scorpio
Age 17-18
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Height 179 cm
Blood Type AB
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black (previous)
White (current)
Jewel Heart Obsidian
Professional Status
Occupation King
Affiliation Shadow Domain
Personal Status
Relatives Kurone Ichiro
(younger brother)
Favorite Food Apple Pie
Other Info
Power Darkness
Weapon Book of Chaos
Anime "Prologue" (episode 0)
Voice Actors

Grimm also known as the alias Kurone Yoichi (pronounced as Ku-row-nay Yo-e-chee) is the main antagonist in Prism Pretty Cure!. He acts the ruler of the Shadow Domain, and was the cause that triggered the rebellion against the Aurorean Dynasty. His main weapon is the Book of Chaos, which enables him to cast curses and create the Kurayami.

Grimm made his official appearance in the "Prologue" (episode 0) before being re-introduced in "Wish Upon A Star" (episode 1).



Grimm appears as a tall, young man primarily dressed in black, white and some red. He has thin, white hair and mesmerizing crimson red eyes. He would usually wear a skull mask while on missions or collecting lost souls. His usual attire consists of a black coat with an uneven lengths overtop of a striped-black turtle neck, a black belt and high boots accompanied by a belt wrapped around his right leg. Additionally, whenever he triggers his powers the sleeves of his coat slowly envelop his hand to become red claws and his shadow familiar appears onto of his head. He usually carries the Book of Chaos as well.


Grimm takes on the alias Kurone Yoichi and remains silimiar to his average appearance. The only difference would be his clothing choice. He wears a white blazer with black cuffs, red jeans with chains and fancy black shoes. Complimenting the outfit with a grey sports hat and black scarf.


Grimm comes off as talkative and cringeworthy, tending to take part in long dramatic speeches which sneakily hide his much more sinister intentions. He's practically the epitome of insane, violent and dangerous. Despite Grimm's calm disposition, if his opponents say something that goes against his opinions, he finds unreasonable faults in them, becoming angry quite easily.



Kurone Ichiro - Ichiro aka Sullen is Grimm's younger brother. They have a strained relationship.


Hoshino Evelyn - Evelyn is Grimm's childhood friend.

Yukimura Ryouta - Ryouta is Grimm's friend, and nicknamed him Yoichin.


  • Grimm alludes to the Grim Reaper whom doesn't originate from a fairytale character.
  • Grimm's actions towards the destruction of a kingdom before a series official start are similar to Dark King, Desperaia, and Selfish King.
  • Grimm is the third boss to have relatives.
  • Grimm is the third enemy leader to be known as a king or ruler.
  • He is the fourth boss to have been (somewhat) good and become evil somewhere in the past.
  • Etymology
    • Grimm - Furious; Fierce


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