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Grand Seal (グランド シアル?) was a move performed by the Past Pretty Cures of Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure against Chaos. The move appears to require a lot of power from its casters.


First Usage

As Chaos and the Wicked Galactica were close to successfully putting the Cosmic Galaxy under their control, the Pretty Cures knew that they needed to act fast in order to stop the threat. Knowing that Chaos is a powerful being that uses negative energy, the Pretty Cures thought that something of equal power, or even higher power, must be used in order to save the Cosmic Galaxy and the Universe. The Past Cure Forever summoned the Spatial Pearl and the Past Cure Eternal summoned the Temporal Diamond as their main sources of power. The Pretty Cures then performed the Grand Seal against Chaos, with the Spatial Pearl and Temporal Diamond breaking in the process.


The target is enclosed in a gigantic golden sphere with two rings positioned around the sphere diagonally. The rings move whenever a year passes and when the two rings meet at the middle, the Grand Seal will break.


The Grand Seal is a powerful sealing spell that lasts for a thousand years. The Grand Seal is so powerful that even Chaos, who was overflowing with negative energy at that time, was unable to break free from the Grand Seal.



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