This is the episodes list of Gonzo☆Pretty Cure!: Origins Arc.

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01 An Iga Born From the Sea! God Descend, Cure Otohime!

伊賀は海から誕生! 降神, キュア オトヒメ!

Iga wa Umi Kara Tanjō! Kōjin, Kyua Otohime!

Leontes Oboro

The story is set up six months ago before the main series begins, it is also centered on Oboro Iga how she becoming an Onmyouji-Precure. As a child, Oboro wanted to make Gennosuke as her familiar once she became an onmyouji. At the present day, Oboro and the Iga clan are worked a shop called the Iga Pastryhouse while Gennosuke and the Kouga clan are worked at the Kouga Bakehouse. Oboro was often getaways to practice the onmyoudou, because Hotarubi wishes that Oboro must succeed her grandmother to take over at the Iga Pastryhouse. Oboro quickly gets caught by Hotarubi, and forced her to return home. But during a heated argument, Oboro accidentally broke Hotarubi's nose, causing her to regret bitterly and run away from home. One weak later, Oboro inherited from her grandmother the fabulous Magatama Jewel, this sacred item is one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan. Suddenly when the Eight-Headed Serpent: Orochi, appears to caused havoc in Japan, and Leontes summoned a Primal Ayakashi. Gennosuke intervened to gave Oboro the fabulous Spiritual Paintbrush and the Summoning Smartphone, Oboro will become for the first time an Onmyouji-Precure. Gennosuke is transformed into a Shikigami-Fairy, known as Fujin: the Shikigami of Storm. Oboro used the "Endless Ocean" to purified the Primal Ayakashi to their great surprise. Hotarubi will eventually accept Oboro to be an Onmyouji-Precure. Finally, Oboro had seal the pact with Gennosuke to make him as her familiar as she had kept this promise for a long time.

02 The Miko-Precure Come From Another Planet. Cure Kuzunoha, the Fox Spirit of Mejere!

巫女プリキュアは別の惑星件から来て. メジェールの狐霊, キュア クズノハ!

Miko Purikyua wa Betsu no Wakusei-ken Kara Kite. Mejēru no Kodama, Kyua Kuzunoha!

Rabat Oboro
All starting with a backstory to which Dita Liebely was revealed to have been nominated to be the next successor as a current Miko-Precure. As a result, Dita was forced to kill the previous Miko-Precure due to the tradition of sole succession in order to complete her dark inheritance. Traumatized by this event, Dita has gone berserk after hearing about the tragic destiny of a Miko-Precure. On the advice from Danjou and Ogen to find the current Miko-Precure, Oboro and Gennosuke arrive at the Shinoda village, where villagers deny about the current Miko-Precure being around and orders them to leave with hostility, both lovers exploring the forest overnight. Oboro gets separated from Gennosuke, and encounters a Kitsunetsuki who tries to take possession over her body. Oboro is then rescued by Hibiki Tokai and his teammates, who scares off the Kitsunetsuki. Meanwhile at the village when a new enemy named Rabat had just summoned a Primal Ayakashi, but get quickly eliminated by an insane Dita who is indeed the current Miko-Precure that Misty has mentioned. Oboro arrive and strikes Dita to protect a female villager, knocking off Dita's mask and exposing her true face, revealed her ability called the "Four-colored eyes" that feared villagers who believed to be cursed and get misfortune. At Hibiki's request, Oboro manages to calm Dita down without hurting her, tell about on friendship values. While grateful to Oboro, Dita joined the group and teamed with Oboro to seal Orochi in the Dragon's Gate.
03 Gyoubu and the Yata Mirror. The Secret of the Mythological Treasure.

刑部と八咫鏡. 神話の財宝の秘密.

Gyōbu to Yata Kagami. Shinwa no Zaihō no Himitsu.

Tenzen Dita
04 The Reunion. Oboro and Juliet, the Two Reincarnated Women.

会議. 朧とジュリエット, 二人再来の女性.

Kaigi. Oboro to Jurietto, Futari Sairai no Josei.

Leontes Dita
05 The Bounty Hunter With the Demon's Arm. The Roar of the Lion Knight of Bailan!

鬼の腕と賞金稼ぎ. バイランの士郎の咆哮!

Oni no Ude to Shōkin Kasegi. Bairan no Shirō no Hōkō!

Rabat Oboro and Dita
06 Trauma and Incident. The Flaming Mystery of the Holy Beast of Kyoto.

外傷と事件. 京都の聖獣の炎謎.

Gaishō to Jiken. Kyōto no Seijū no Honō Nazo.

Leontes Oboro

A flashback shows in Hermione's tragic childhood when she unintentionally kills many of her classmates in kindergarten and all people ostracized her. Back to present day, Dita gets off to a bad start with Hermione, after knocking over her on a way and causing an explosion. Acted as a spoiled brat, Hermione shown to be snob towards Dita and proclaimed herself as the most popular lady at Kyoto, which disagrees with Oboro. However without their knowledge, Leontes create a Primal Ayakashi to cause havoc. As Hermione was able to see supernatural creatures, she chose to flee rather than help other people in trouble, but was captured anyway. Hermione released her Fire Supernatural Element unknowingly and revealed her true form as a Shikigami-Fairy, that allowed Oboro to eliminated this Primal Ayakashi quickly. Returned to her normal form, Hermione felt traumatized by this incident and gone to insane hysterically. After Tybalt managed to calm her, Hermione get a reminiscence of her past where she was stopped by her mother from her fury and violence she commits, telling to her daughter do not becoming a monster and acted as a proper lady. Just after accidentally break her mother's nose, she break down crying.

07 Meeting with Moka Akashiya. The Determination to Become an Onmyouji-Precure!

赤夜萌香との会合. 陰陽師プリキュアになることへの決意!

Akashiya Moka to no Kaigō. Onmyōji Purikyua ni Naru Koto e no Ketsui!

Rabat Oboro
At Youkai Academy with Tsukune, Moka and their friends are going to protect this academy and students while fighting against Orochi. Leontes, alongside with his new sidekicks, have aimed Tsukune to launched a powerful curse. But it was Kurumu instead that she was strucked by a spell that turned into a Shikigami-Fairy and being under evil control from the Guardians of Yomi. She will disappear soon after with the Guardians of Yomi, to the great despair of Moka and the others. Later having learned the existence of the Onmyouji-Precures, Moka left from her friends without warning them.
08 The Legend of the Kusanagi Sword! Find the Third Imperial Regalia of Japan!
草薙の剣の伝説! 三種の神器を見つけよう!
Kusanagi no Tsurugi no Densetsu! Sanshu no Shinki o Mitsukeyou!
Tenzen Dita
09 The Tragic Story of the Miko-Precures!! What Happens is in Heian era!!
巫女プリキュアたちの悲劇話!! 平安時代に起こる!!
Miko Purikyua-tachi no Higeki-banashi! ! Heian Jidai ni Okoru!!
Leontes Dita
Dita vowed to no longer fight as a Miko-Precure, out of fear to reveals her true form as a Youko in front of everyone since the incident at Kyoto. Oboro and Gennosuke meet up with Juliet and Romeo who told about the tragic destiny of the Miko-Precures so Dita was one of them. A backstory shown around of the Heian period where role was created by the firsts Onmyouji-Precures of the original lineage of Abe no Seimei. Both women who was the daugthers of Abe no Seimei, have becoming two first Miko-Precures in order to protect Japan and fight against evil. But one of them was the evil embodiment that the good embodiment will eventually be killed. As a punishment to prevent this from happening again, a succession ritual called the "Isshi Souden" has been created that aimed to kill the previous Miko-Precure by a future successor to becoming the next Miko-Precure. Juliet concludes that Dita haven't luck to be a Miko-Precure, because a tragic fate was waiting for her. When Romeo and Juliet are leaving, Leontes appears to create a Primal Ayakashi, and kidnapped Oboro that serve her as an offering and intended to be eaten alive by Orochi. Although Dita doesn't want to fight and use her power of a Miko-Precure or become a Youko, she nevertheless chooses to act to save Oboro and eliminate the Primal Ayakashi quickly.
10 Death and Sacrifice! The Fox Spirit of Mejere Disappears!

死と犠牲! メジェールの狐霊消失!

Shi to Gisei! Mejēru no Kodama Shōshitsu!

Rabat Oboro and Dita
11 A Romantic Date Between Tragic Lovers. In Each of Their Hearts...
悲劇恋人同士のロマンティックなデート. 志 〜それぞれの胸に...
Higeki Koibito Dōshi no Romantikkuna dēto. Sorezore no Mune ni...
Tenzen Oboro

Oboro, Juliet and the others are still upset by Dita's apparent death. Before getting ready to save Tenzen from his destructive madness, Gennosuke and Oboro meet in Maruyama Park for a love date. Both lovers got reminiscences from their past lives 400 years ago, hoping to got married and found a family again (they have twin children in the past, Hachirou and Hibiki).

12 Ultimate Battle! A Heartbreaking Farewell!!
究極会戦! 悲痛告別!!
Kyūkyoku Kaisen! Hitsū Kokubetsu!!
Orochi Oboro
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