Golden Starlight (ゴールデンスターライト Gōruden Sutāraito?) is Cure Glow's upgrade finisher in Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure; it requires the Golden Charm. It was first used in episode 11.


Cure Glow inserts her Golden Charm into the third charm slot from the left in her Shining Brooch. A light begins to glow, transitioning into Cure Glow jumping and raising her right arm, while saying, "Glisten, O stars!". Cure Glow shouts the second half of the attack incantation, sending shooting stars towards the enemy. Cure Glow watches, as the stars fill the screen until it becomes white.


Cure Glow: ゴールデンチャーム!
Cure Glow: 煌めく、星よ!
Cure Glow: プリキュア、ゴールデンスターライト!


Cure Glow: Gōruden Chāmu!
Cure Glow: Kirameku, hoshi yo!
Cure Glow: Purikyua, Gōruden Sutāraito!


Cure Glow: Golden Charm!
Cure Glow: Glisten, O Stars!
Cure Glow: Purikyua, Gōruden Sutāraito!

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