Go! sonic precure!
Go! Sonikku purikyua!
General Information
DirectorAkirachan13 and MaverickYveltal
StudioToei animation
NetworkJapan: Tv Asahi

Germany: Pro7 MAXX

Original RunFebruary 5
Opening SongBeyond the speed of / Fly to the stars (ep 1 - 24)

Fighting/Believing/Victory (ep 25 - 50)

Ending Song♥ SPEAK WITH YOUR HEART ♥ (ep 1 - 21 23-24)

White Lies (ep 22 only) Black Soul (ep 30 - 34) Silver Tears Ep 50

Series Info
Theme(s)(Sonic) (future) (Dream) (Times)
PredecessorMahou tsukai Precure!

Go sonic precure! ( GO!ソニックプリキュア!Go! Sonikku purikyua!) or Sonic ~ Chaos Soul in the English and German dub is Akirachan13's first Precure fanseries. It's a crossover with Sonic and Precure. This is also to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise


Akira Harinezumi is a very normal person, she likes video games, sweets, and also Sonic The Hedgehog. Akira is a huge Sonic fan and her greatest wish is to be like him. Only that Akira is extremely unsporty and even for some mysterious reason she has a blackout. One day, when she was playing Sonic Unleashed, a creature called Chip or Light Gaia suddenly came out of her TV and told her that she is the rebirth of Sonic The Hedgehog and is also chosen as a warrior. Akira does not believe this at first, but she must now always live with him and that she can't go home immediately after school, namely, to turn into Sonic. To save the world, The Mephiles Empire, which tries to destroy the world, must defeat Akira and her team and give the world peace again.


  • This is the first series of Precure that no kingdom saves, namely any other world.
  • This is the first series that has 2 cures of the same color.
  • This is a Precure fanseries that is targeted towards an older demographic due to dark themes in some episodes, foul language, scary elements, crude humor, fanservice, violence, blood, and possibly death. (These pictures in this style are not shown in this wiki!)
  • This fanseries airs on Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm Japan time, Friday nights at 9:00 pm United States Eastern Standard Time, and Monday nights at 7:30 pm Germany Time.
  • Episodes are then streamed on the NicoNico service on Thursdays in Japan one week after they're released and are streamed on YouTube for USA and Germany Wednesdays one week after its released.
  • The Kagetsuki family will eventually appear in the series
  • The season is completely unlike any other Precure series, The finalized name of the fanseries is now Sonic ~ Chaos Soul But it is not sure whether they want to modify it.
  • This is the only known series to have a lead cure from another fanseries.


Main characters

Main Villains

Standard characters


  • Chip - The main fairy mascot
  • Zavok - Carol's fairy mascot and her father
  • Shadow Chao - Mika's Fairy


  • White Wisp (ホワイトウィスプ Howaitou~isupu) / Boost (ブースト Būsuto)
  • Yellow Wisps (イエローウィスプ Ierō Uisupu) / Yellow Drill (イエロー・ドリル Ierō doriru)
  • Cyan Wisp  (シアンウィスプ Shian'uisupu) / Cyan Laser (シアン・レーザー Shian rēzā)
  • Blue Wisp (ブルーウィスプ Burūuisupu) / Blue Cube (ブルー・キューブ Burū kyūbu)
  • Green Wisp (グリーンウィスプ Gurīn'uisupu) / Green Hover (グリーン・ホバー Gurīn hobā)
  • Pink Wisp (ピンクウィスプ Pinkuuisupu) / Pink Spikes (ピンク・スパイク Pinku Supaiku)
  • Purple Wisp (パープルウィスプ Pāpuruuisupu) / Purple Frenzy (パープル・フレンジー Pāpuru furenjī)
  • Violet Wisp (バイオレットウィスプ Baiorettouisupu) / Violet Void (バイオレット・ヴォイド Baioretto vu~oido)


Go! Sonic PrettyCure! travel to Tokyo!

Go! Sonic PrettyCure! travel to Tokyo! (映画ゴー!ソニックプリキュア!ロサンゼルスに旅行!天使の街 Eiga gō! Sonikkupurikyua! Tokyo ni ryokō!) is the first movie in Go! Sonic PrettyCure series

Go! Sonic PrettyCure! Movie 2  The Story of Mika Kagetsuki

Go! Sonic PrettyCure! Movie 2  The Story of Mika Kagetsuki (GO!ソニック・プリキュア!ムービー2美香影付きの物語 Go! Sonikku purikyua! Mūbī 2 Mika kage-tsuki no monogatari)



Sonic Stick (ソニックスティック Sonikku sutikku)

Crimson Rod (クリムゾンロッド Kurimuzon roddo)

Dragon Staff (ドラゴンスタッフ Doragon sutaffu) is Cure Dragon's weapon. It is known to be the strongest weapon in the entire series.


Cure Handy

Cure Handy (キュアハンディー Kyua Handi) the cures main transformation device

Chaos Emeralds (カオスエメラルド Kaosu emerarudo)

Moonlight Parfum (ムーンライト・パフューム Mūnraito pafu~yūmu)

Type Cards

  • Speed Type Card
Speed Type Card
  • Fly Type Card
    Fly Type Card
  • Power Type Card
Power Type Card
  • Idol Type Card
  • Galaxy Type Card
  • Transform Type Card




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Dreaming Arc

- Episodes 1 - 12 - This arc focus around the team being essembled

Darkness Arc

- Episodes 13 - 24 - This arc focus around Mika Kagetsuki

Moonlight Arc

- Episodes 25 - 36 - This arc focus around Carol Akatsuki

Final Arc

- Episodes 37 - 50 -

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