Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (mascot)
Reddish brown (Human)
Eye ColorPurple
RelativesIcing (younger brother)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Sweet Spice!
First AppearancePCSS25

 Glaze is the older brother of Icing. Unlike his brother, Glaze is a bit more impolite. Even so he's extremely in telligent and can be rather mature behind his childish demeanor. He enjoys chocolate based sweets.

General Information


As a mascot, Glaze takes the appearance of a domestic cat. He has brown fur and purple eyes. He wears a collar that has a gold pendant.

As a human, Glaze has fair skin, reddish-brown hair and purple eyes. He wears a red dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, under a dark purple vest, black pants and black dress shoes.


Glaze is a bit more childish, often teasing his brother. Even so, he's extremely intelligent and mature when he has to be. He can also be a bit impolite as he rarely uses honorifics.


  • Icing - His younger brother. He often teases his brother and watches his attempts to ignore it.
  • Fujimi Nadeshiko - Nadeshiko is the first human he'd come in contact to since being trapped. They usually tease Icing together.



Glaze can create powerful shields. In the movie, he transformed with Nadeshiko once. The attack was powerful enough to wipe out the antagonist in one blow, yet exhausted them both.


  • Even though Glaze is older than Icing, many have accidentally thought of them as twins.
  • In the original series Glaze was a prince, but it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • His human name is Tsuya (艶) which translates to gloss or glaze.


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