Gentle Flurry

Pretty Cure! Gentle Flurry!

Gentle Flurry (ジェントルフラリー Jentorufurarī) is Cure Snow's first finisher that can only be used on her Mode Elegant.


Cure Snow inserts her Dress Up Key into her Princess Perfume to transform into her Mode Elegant. She runs in a ninja-way like positon and runs in and almost circular motion while collecting snow and air into a crystal ball. She then stops carefully to attack the enemy. She says 'Precure' and the crystal ball disappear and suddenly reappear around the enemy, then when she shouts 'Gentle Flurry' the ball burst while spinning around the enemy, slowly first, then gradually becomes faster, causing the enemy to become dizzy then purifying it. After the enemy is defeated, Cure Snow says "Gokigen'yō".



Cure Snow: エクスチェンジ!モードエレガント! 

Cure Snow: 暴れる、雪よ!

Cure Snow: プリキュア、ジェントルフラリー!

Cure Snow: ごきげんよう!


Cure Snow: Ekusuchenji! Mōdo Ereganto!

Cure SnowAbareru, yuki yo!

Cure Snow: Purikyua, jentorufurarī!

Cure Snow: Gokigen'yō!


Cure Snow: Exchange! Mode Elegant! 

Cure Snow: Be violent, O Snow!

Cure Snow: Pretty Cure Gentle Flurry!

Cure Snow: Farewell!

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