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Personal Information
Eye ColorPurple
Home PlaceLost
Anime Information
SeasonShining Jewels Pretty Cure
First AppearanceSJPC01
SeiyuuHikida Yukari

Gemma (ジェマ Jema) is the main and only mascot of Shining Jewels Pretty Cure.






Akari Magenta

Gemma usually helps her out as Magenta is not very talented. Sometimes, Gemma reminds her that she also should worry about Pretty Cure duties as well.

Shiroda Linux

The two connect very easily with each other due to their softer personalities. Ironically, Linux is usually the one who helps Gemma most of the time.

Mikaze Audi

Gemma does not get to talk to her very much, but is constantly worried about her anxiety. She knows that Audi is intelligent, but she hopes she will reveal it.

Hinaka Hennessy

The two have the weakest relationship, and constantly bicker. Gemma tries to calm her down when Hennessy breaks into short temper, often failing.

Aosora Prue

Gemma used to be scared of her, before finding out about her true self. She also feels sympathy about her being picked on, and wants to make her feel better.

Kisaka Alumi

Gemma knows a lot about her and easily could choose her as a Pretty Cure. The two can trust each other without any issue arising between them.

Hoshino Amity




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