Gaichū is the main antagonist in Triad! Pretty Cure, as well as the cruel, cold and psychopatic leader of the Mokushiroku Order. He represents the white knight of plague.


Gaichū is a young man with a rather skinny and tall figure, and very pale, sick-looking skin. His eyes are colored with all the colors of the rainbow, and he has straight white hair that reaches his chin. Gaichū is known to wear a white mask, as well as a golden crown, along with a variety of weird looking suits. He always carries a silverish bow and some arrows with him.


Although Gaichū acts polite, gentle and even kind in order to approach other people and get them to like him, behind this facade lies a cruel, cold and manipulative man, whose true personality is so intimidating and evil, he can easily make anyone around him become desperate using only words. He is said to have a "rotten heart", which makes everything around him rot as well. Gaichū loves to watch people suffering.


Gaichū: gaichū (害虫) is a Japanese word meaning "pest", "plague". It refers to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, more specifically the white horseman of pestilence, who was the base for Gaichū's personality.

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