Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceWonderland
Alter EgoGatou-san
Anime Information
SeasonSweets Time Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceSTPC01
SeiyuuKobayashi Yumiko
Ono Kenshō (human)

Gâteau is a minor character of Sweets Time Pretty Cure!. Gâteau is a fairy from Wonderland, whose appearance resembles the one of a raccoon. Even though he has got a prince-like personality, Gâteau seems to have no confidence in himself. As human, he takes the name Gatou-san (賀東さん Gatō-san?) and owns the café Little Maiden.

Character Information

Gâteau is a fairy from Wonderland, who's got a prince-like personality and likes nothing more than seeing others happy. However, Gâteau seems to be very pessimistic and and seems to have no confidence in himself. He is always worried if he may not be strong enough to rescue Wonderland, even though he is determined to do his very best. Gâteau considers it as ironical that Otome claims she gets confidence when Gâteau is around.

Gâteau's appearance resembles the one of a raccoon, while his fur color is rather black than brown. His eyes are dark blue colored and almost seem to be black. He wears a deep purple neckcloth that is hold by a sky blue ♦-shaped crystal. As human, he has dark brown colored hair that almost appears to be black, while his eyes are blue colored. He usually wears a white shirt over which he wears a purple, sleeveless vest. He wears dark blue jeans and brown loafers.


Gâteau (ガトー?) - Gâteau is French and means "cake".

Gatou (賀東?) - Gatou comes from Ga (?) meaning "congratulate", "greet" or "to celebrate"[1], combined with Tou (?) meaning "east". So Gatou could mean "to celebrate the east".



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