Personal Information
Eye ColorBlue/Orange
Home PlaceLavander
Theme ColorBlack & White
Anime Information
SeasonGo! Gamers Pretty Cure
First AppearanceGGPC05 (Mentioned Only)
Voice Actor???

Gáster (ガースター Gāsutā?) is the main antagonist in Go! Gamers Pretty Cure. He is usually called the "Mysterious Man". Gáster, so far, has not been seen talking yet and his personality has not yet been seen. Gáster was clearly based on W.D.Gaster from the RPG Game Undertale. In the American and Japanese version of the anime, Gáster was renamed to Daikirai.


The Gáster's history is for now empty as we don't know nothing about him or his pass.


As Pussy once said, Gáster has much knowledge about time space, being able to travel in different dimensions. Gáster can control the space time and the time itself, and he can also change timelines.


Gáster looks like a skeleton. He has a crack on the right side of his head and also has one pupil on his right eye but the left eye is just empty. He wears a white, turtleneck sweater beneath a black coat, he also uses black pants with a belt around the waist and black shoes. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a white lab coat instead of the black coat.


Gáster - Gáster is "Gaster" write with a sharp accent.


  • His appearence is very similar to W.D.Gaster from Undertale.
  • The reason for his name be change is Unknown.
    • In the Japanese version, Noir is the only one to call him Gáster.
  • "Mysterious Man" is one of his titles.
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