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Fuyu Irie
Personal Information
Birthday DateJanuary 18th
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Purple
Home PlaceSora Town
Cure Harmony
Alter EgoCure Harmony
Hair ColorBlack with Dark Purple-Dyed Ends
Eye ColorLight Purple
Theme ColorPurple


Anime Information
SeasonArtsy *Precure

Irie is the third cure in the series Artsy *Precure. Her family is relatively popular, as her father is the town's mayor. She grew up with quite a bit of money, however, this makes her embarrassed as she really just wants to grow up in a normal household. Her main theme color is purple. She represents music and harmony.


In her casual form, she has long black hair with no bangs with some tied into the front with a little swirly ahoge on the top of her hair. She has dark purple as her eye color with "fair" as her skin color. She has a white shirt with light purple on the top collaring her neck with long light purple sleeves. She also has pink ties leading up to the pink bow right in the middle with a pink skirt along with it. To tie that along, she has long knee-length socks with pinks ruffles at the top and light purple shoes with a strap with light pink at the bottom.

In her Cure Form, her hair color is still the same color, but she gets two tiny and curly pigtails to the side and gets bangs. Her hair also gets dark purple-dyed ends and removes the hair from the front, and her eye color changing to light purple as well. Her collar is dark purple with a gold star on it with a purple gem in the middle. She has a white, very short-sleeved shirt with purple near the top with a purple leaf-shaped bow and a gold center. She also has pink ruffles in her top as well and gloves She wears a white skirt that has a purple overlay that extends to her shoes with light pink trimming. On her feet, she has winged white socks that are about knee length and purple high heels with light pink at the very bottom.


Irie is calm and composed, as well as a well-mannered 13-year old. She can be quite cold to others, though. She comes from a well off family, and she loves to sing, though hides it. She's afraid that her family would be upset with her if she was anything but perfect. She is a perfectionist who is afraid of not fitting in with social norms, but she does not fit in with many of them. Other than this she is mentally very strong.


Cure Harmony

"Creating a peaceful world, one music note at a time. Cure Harmony!"-Cure Harmony

Transformation Pose

Cure Harmony is the alter ego of Fuyu Irie. In order to transform, she needs her Artsy! Notebook and her Creative Pen and has to shout Let's Go! Precure Creation!.


Harmony Beam- This is Cure Harmony's first attack. She uses her Soundwave Mic and sings a note which flies into the enemy, purifying it. It is a long, one-ranged attack.

Harmony Beam Flash- This is an upgraded attack of Cure Harmony's first main attack. She uses her Soundwave Mic and sings a couple of notes which fly straight in the enemy's heart, exploding and purifying the enemy. It is a long, one-ranged attack.


Irie means powerful and positive.

Fuyu comes from the Japanese word for winter.


  • Irie is a Capricorn
  • In Chinese, Fuyu means "rich", which relates to her having a lot of money.
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