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Fuurin Asumi
Asumi - Earth.jpeg
Fūrin Asumi
Personal Information
Age 20 (Physically)
Birthday Date August 16th
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Home Place Sukoyaka City

Healing Garden

Pretty Cure Information
Alter Ego Cure Earth
Super Form Special Healin' Good Style
Hair Color Lavender
Eye Color Light Blue
Theme Color Purple
Power(s) Wind
Symbol Feather
Anime Information
Season Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure

☆Wishes Pretty Cure☆

First Appearance Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure

- Episode 19-45

☆Wishes Pretty Cure☆

- Episode 1

Seiyuu Mimori Suzuko

Fuurin Asumi (風鈴アスミ Fūrin Asumi) is one of the main characters in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and ☆Wishes Pretty Cure☆.

She looks to be 20 years old but is actually a "newborn" who doesn't understand anything about being human. She is mysterious yet always has a smile on her face.

Her alter ego is Cure Earth, The Pretty Cure of Wind.



Asumi has purple eyes and long blonde hair usually tied back into a bun with loose, curled strands. She casually wears a green dress with a white belt, a hunter green skirt and mauve boots.

As Cure Earth, her eyes turn light blue and her loose, knee-length hair turns lavender, worn with a gold head piece adorned by a blue droplet at the center and a heart on each side, decorated with a pale yellow bow and white wing. She also gains purple sphere earrings. Her long purple dress has pale yellow lining and a band of white around the top of the chest, with ribbon wrapping around the neck held by a purple gem. At the center is a blue gem on a gold winged frame and a pearl blue bow hangs from it to match her sleeves. Around the navel is a pale lilac winged trim to accent the petticoat of her skirt, which is cut to reveal short, white pointed layers of fabric. She also gains a gold thigh and anklet accessories, purple flats, and white gloves with a purple heart on the hand.

In her Special Healin' Good Style, her hair grows longer and she gains additional forelock strands. Her earrings remain the same while her forehead piece gains a winged, purple heart above the droplet. The bows and wings change in design. Her top becomes a white winged collared shirt with a purple and pale yellow vest worn over it with altered ornament. Her pearl blue sleeves change in style, along with her skirt, which has a pale yellow heart design. Her shoes become a pair of heels with tiny white wings, while her anklet is now on both legs, with a purple sphere and blue droplet ornament. She loses her gloves and gains white wings.

For the rest of Cure Earth’s forms, go here.


Due to being a spirit, Asumi knows absolutely nothing about being human, so she lacks common sense. She also has a one-track mind, as she believes her only purpose is to serve and protect Latte. As time passes, Asumi begins to learn to adapt to her new life and understand what emotions are.



Fuurin (風鈴) - Fuu (風?) means "wind" , while Rin (鈴) can mean either "bell" or "chime" . When combined, Fuurin means "wind chime".

Asumi (アスミ) - There is a kanji equivalent that eludes to Asumi's theme, 明日美 which means "beautiful bright light". .

Earth is a noun that can mean "the solid matter of this planet; dry land; ground" .


Cure Earth

"The two winds that connect through time! Cure Earth!"
Toki wo hete tsunagaru futatsu no kaze! Kyua Āsu!



Group Attacks



  • ~Serene Winds~