This page includes all attacks in the Japanese, magical-girl anime series, Futari wa Pretty Cure! Super Splash. Each attack will feature its performers and which episode first used.

Sister River Splash

Sister River Splash (シスターリバースプラッシュ) is the first attack used by Cures Sprout and Heron. They need to be together in order for the attack to be performed, and work successfully. It requires no item.

  • Performed By: Cure Sprout & Cure Heron
  • First Appearance: Episode 01


Cure Sprout and Cure Heron call upon the spirits of the Earth and the Sky. Secondly, said spirits gather in the emblems on their chests as they hold hands. As they hold tighter, the emblems glow as well, before releasing twin jets of blue and yellow liquid. The liquids then wrap around the enemy, who is purified inside.


  • Cure Sprout: Spirits of the Earth!
  • Cure Heron: Spirits of the Skies!
  • Cure Sprout: Guide us to eternal peace,
  • Cure Heron: Return the world to its natural state!
  • Both: Pretty Cure, Sister River...SPLASH!!!

Sisterly Aqua Splash

Sisterly Aqua Splash (シスターリーアクアスプラッシュ) is the first attack used by Cures Luna and Breeze. They need to be together, and like Sister River Splash of Sprout and Heron, requires no item.

  • Perfomed By: Cure Luna & Cure Breeze
  • First Appearance: Episode 10


Cure Luna and Cure Breeze call upon the spirits of the Moon and the Wind. The spirits gather into the emblems on their chests, which are then released as jets of pink and green liquid, which then goes right through the enemy, purifying them instantly.


  • Cure Luna: O' Moon!
  • Cure Breeze: O' Wind!
  • Cure Luna: Protect us,
  • Cure Breeze: With the holy spirits' power!
  • Both: Pretty Cure, Sisterly Aqua...SPLASH!!!

Heartful Stream Splash

Heartful Stream Splash (ハートフルストリームスプラッシュ) is the upgraded version of Cure Sprout and Heron's main attack, Sister River Splash. It requires the Spiral Rings, with the powers of both Flappy and Choppy.

  • Performed By: Cure Sprout & Cure Heron
  • First Appearance: Episode 21


Cure Sprout and Cure Heron summon the Spiral Rings. They place the rings into the hearts and spin them. Next, blue and yellow liquid comes from their chests, spiral around and into their hands and they draw two large halves of a heart. The halves become one and they push it towards the enemy a spiralling, jet of blue and yellow liquid that wraps around the enemy, whose purified.


  • Flappy: O' Earth!
  • Choppy: O' Sky!
  • Cure Sprout: Bloom! Our bond of hope,
  • Cure Heron: Soar! Let us see a bright future!
  • Both: Pretty Cure, Heartful Stream...SPLASH!!!

Starful Stream Splash

Starry Heartful Super Splash

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