This is the episode list for Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel:

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Pretty Cure Is Revived! Spirits of the Sky!
"Purikyua ga fukkatsu shimasu! Sukai no tamashī!"
January 23, 2024
Fujimura Aika and Tanaka Masami are best friends and lived a happy and peaceful life together as they train with Kujou Hikari for something. But while they were walking home, they are sucked into another time! There, the friends see the truth, and Hikari, convinced that the girls are ready, decides to give them the power of Pretty Cure! Will the girls agree?
02 To Win or Not To Win! Pretty Cure's Struggles!
"Katsu tame ni, matawa arimasen katsu tame ni! Purikyua no tōsō!"
January 30, 2024
Even after using their main attacks, the Cures are struggling to win. Both are nearly killed by the Tsumi, but luckily, Shiny Luminous manages to save them. She brings them both in and lectures them about their duties as Pretty Cure. Will Aika and Masami finally defeat the Tsumi?
03 Secrets of a Legend! What Is A Pretty Cure?
"Densetsu no himitsu! Purikyua to wa nanidesu ka?"
Okui February 6, 2024
As Hikari continues to train the girls, both Aika and Masami are trapped in their own mysteries: how come they have no memories of their mothers, Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka? Both girls have made a vow to save them, but can they actually do it?
04 Where, Where? Collect The Sky Jewel Keys!
"Doko, doko? Sukai Jueru Kī o atsumeyou!"
Yoku February 13, 2024
Hikari tells Aika and Masami about the Sky Jewel Keys, magical items that will help them defeat the Dark King. Aika, excited, wants to start looking for them straight away. Will they find all the Sky Jewel Keys before the Dark King ever awakens?
05 New Power of the Sun! Sunburst Forever!
"Taiyō no nyū pawā! Sanbāsuto Fōebā!"
Yokubo February 20, 2024
06 Exposed! Masami's Date!
"Roshutsu sa remashita! Masami-san no hi!"
Namakemono February 27, 2024
07 Meeting the Queen Now?! Going to the Garden of Light!
"Ima no joō o mitashimasu! Hikari no niwa ni ikimasu!"
Namakemono March 6, 2024
08 A History of Mum! Hikari Explains All!
"Mama no rekishi! Hikari wa subete o setsumei shite!"
Gekido March 13, 2024
09 Masami's Concern! Where's My Forever Form?
"Masami no kenen! Watashi ni eien ni doko fōmu no?"
Gekido March 20, 2024

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