Personal Information
Hair Colormagenta (evil) platnium blond (good)
Eye Colorgreen/purple (evil) red (good)
Home PlaceRomance Land
Anime Information
SeasonLove♥Pretty Cure
SeiyuuAtsushi Tamaru

Fushoji, whose real name is currently unknown, is the leader of the Captors of Heartbreak Land in Love♥Pretty Cure, and the series' main antagonist. He is not inherently evil, as it is revealed that he was brainwashed by Zurua into leading the captors.


Evil Fushoji

He has short dark magenta hair and duel-colored vivid green and royal purple eyes. He wears a dark green vest lined in white, with white roses on each of the shoulder flaps, and plain black dress pants and black boots with gold buckles.

Good Fushoji

He has short platinum blond hair and bright red eyes. He wears a white top with gold accents and black dress pants with white dress shoes.


Fushoji used to be the ruler of Romance Land until one day it got taken over by the Captors of Heartbreak Land. When they decided they needed the ruler to join them in order to be able to claim complete control over the Fantasy Rings and Tiara and Romance Land, they brainwashed him by turning all of his love for his land and his subjects who inhabited it into hatred.

When Fushoji sensed that Cure Princess want to be as strong as the other cures' was the main reason they were constantly being defeated, he lied and told her that he knew a true way to make her stronger. He then brainwashed her into joining their side, turning her into Cure Onyx.


He can use dark magic and can brainwash other people to join the Captors if necessary.


His name is a corruption of the word Fushojiki, which means dishonest, as well as a pun. It contains the word oji in it, meaning, prince, relating to his role as prince of Heartbreak/Romance Land.

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