Furud Azimuth
Japaneseフルッドアジムス (Furuddo Ajimusu)
PerformerCure Licht
WeaponStar Sword Licht
Furud Azimuth (フルッドアジムス Furuddo Ajimusu) is Cure Licht's second attack, performed with her weapon, the Star Sword Licht. It is first used in episode (TBA).


Cure Licht summons the Star Sword Licht, holds it sideways and starts playing it like a flute, closing her eyes. She stops playing and holds the sword, beginning the incantation and the Star Sword Licht duplicates so Cure Licht has one sword in each hand. She shouts the attack name and then there are several flashes and multiple pictures of Cure Licht slashing the enemy from different angles. After the flashes stop, it is visible that the background has changed to a night sky. To really defeat the enemy, she enlarges her swords, making them look like light blades and slashes it one more time. She jumps away and lands, twirling around and posing before saying "Tada! A new star is born!".



Cure Licht: スターソードリヒト!
Cure Licht: 踊れ、光の剣!
Cure Licht: プリキュアフルッドアジムス!
Cure Licht: タダ!新しいスターが誕生!


Cure Licht: Sutā Sōdo Rihito!
Cure Licht: Odore, hikari no tsurugi!
Cure Licht: Purikyua Furuddo Ajimusu!
Cure Licht: Tada! Atarashī sutā ga tanjō!


Cure Licht: Star Sword Licht!
Cure Licht: Dance, Sword of the Light!
Cure Licht: Pretty Cure Furud Azimuth!
Cure Licht: Tada! A new star is born!


Furud - is the name of a star in Canis Major (Great Dog)

Azimuth - is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system



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