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Full Rainbow Circle
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Full Rainbow Circle (フルレインボーサークル Furu Reinbō Sākuru?) is the first group attack of all eight Cures from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. The attack can be performed when all eight Pretty Cures are at the scene and still have the ability to fight. To use the attack, the eight Cures call the colors of the rainbow.



Sky Cures: 天の力に恵まれた!
Rainbow Star: ひろとよる!無限のツインハート!

Cure Crimon, Saffron, Sienna: あかね金とオレンジ虹よ!
Cure Cyan, Azure, Whitney: みどり青とシルバー虹よ!
Cure Heahter, Lavender: 恋と夢の色とともに!

All: プリカラー!フルレインボーサークル!


Sky Cures: Ten no chikara ni megumareta!
Rainbow Star: Hiro to yoru! Mugen no tsuinhāto!

Cure Crimon, Saffron, Sienna: Akane kin to orenji niji yo!
Cure Cyan, Azure, Whitney: Midori ao to shirubā niji yo!
Cure Heahter, Lavender: Koi to yume no iro to tomoni!

All: Purikarā! Furu Reinbō Sākuru!


Sky Cures: Blessed with the powers of heaven!
Rainbow Star: Day and Night! The infinite twin hearts!

Cure Crimon, Saffron, Sienna: The deep red golden and orange rainbow!
Cure Cyan, Azure, Whitney: The green blue and silver rainbow!
Cure Heahter, Lavender: Together with the colors of love and dreams!

All: Pretty Color! Full Rainbow Circle!


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