This is a list of Full Bloom Pretty Cure! episodes, along with their summary.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Tanjō: Kyua Furōretto
"Birth: Cure Floret"
Kyogi 1-10-16
During a normal day of tending to the flowers, Haruki Mei's hometown, Hyakka, is attacked by a monster known as a Taishoku. With the help of the fairy Petal, Mei will transform into Cure Floret and protect the world!
02 Rekishi: Kokoro no Taiju
"History: The Tree of Hearts"
Kyogi  1-17-16
Mei gets to know more about Petal, and while doing so, Petal explains the history of the Tree of Hearts and why she is here.
03 Mamoru: Watashi Ane Aisuru
"Protect: The Sister I Love"
Kyogi  1-24-16
When Mei's sister catches a sickness from Hakaimono, Cure Floret must save her by defeating the Taishoku. However, Sakura's voice inside the Taishoku opposes her. What will Mei do...?
04 Yume: Nazo no Kyua Burossamu
"Dream: The Mysterious Cure Blossom"
Kenen 1-31-16
While asleep, Mei has constant dreams about a girl called "Hanasaki Tsubomi", who transforms into "Cure Blossom". But what are these dreams about?
05 Purikyua: Hajimari
"Pretty Cure: The Beginning"
Kyogi  2-7-16
Mei asks about the origin and history of Pretty Cure, and Petal explains the story from the very beginning.
06 Kako: Mirāju Purikyua
"Past: Mirage Pretty Cure"
Kenen 2-14-16
Once they get to the Heartcatch Cures' story, Mei recognizes a name, "Cure Blossom". But things become more interesting when she hears the story of the Mirage Pretty Cure.
07 Shin: Koizumi Ran
"New: Koizumi Ran"
Kenen 2-21-16
A new girl moves into Hyakka, named Koizumi Ran. Mei tries to befriends Ran, and succeeds. But then, Ran starts to talk about the Mirage Pretty Cure...
08 Ai: Hanasaki Kokoro
"Love: Hanasaki Kokoro"
Kyogi  2-28-16
Petal reveals her human form, Hanasaki Kokoro, for the first time. Though she says she will not use it commonly.
09 Kensaku: Dai ni Purikyua
"Search: The Second Pretty Cure"
Kenen 3-6-16
Once Petal tells Mei that a Pretty Cure might be nearby, Mei begins to search for girls who could be a Cure. Along the way, Ran asks to talk to Mei.
10 Henshin: Kyua Burūmingu
"Transformation: Cure Blooming"
Kenen 3-13-16
During a normal day, a Taishoku attacks, causing Mei to transform in from of Ran. Watching Cure Floret nearly be defeated, Ran accepts the power she has been offered and transforms into Cure Blooming.
11 Mankai: Purikyua De~yuo
"Full Bloom: Pretty Cure Duo"
Kyogi  3-20-16
During Cure Blooming's battle, Cure Floret finally regains strength, enough to join Blooming in battle against the Taishoku. Ran and Mei take some time to garden together.
12 Katei: Kokoro no Kazoku
"Home: Kokoro's Family"
Kyogi  3-27-16
Hanasaki Kokoro introduces herself to the Koizumis, and Ran asks if Kokoro can temporarily live at their home. The family accepts, and Kokoro lives at Ran's house.
13 Shikaku: Burūmingu mirāju
"Vision: Blooming Mirage"
Kenen 4-3-16
During school, Ran has visions of a girl fighting against another girl called "Cure Blossom Mirage". Ran decides to talk to Mei and Petal about this.
14 Chikara: Mōdo Furōraru
"Power: Mode Floral"
Kyogi  4-10-16
Today's Taishoku and fight is a brutal, challenging one. But before they are defeated, Petal tells them about their new powers.
15 Hanazono: Yukkuri Kaika
"Flower Garden: Slowly Blooming"
Kenen 4-17-16
After school, Petal takes the Cures to the Flower Garden, where Petal explains more about the Tree of Hearts.
16 Hokaku: Anata e no Shinkō
"Captured: Faith in You"
Kenen 4-24-16
At a tough battle scene, Cure Blooming falls into a trap to save Cure Floret. Floret is told to come back tomorrow, for then they will give her back.
17 Tatakai: Watashi no Yūjin e Hozon
"Battle: To Save my Friend"
Kyogi  5-1-16
Once Mei reaches the previous battlefield, Kyogi appears, challenging her to a battle. Mei accepts, and wins. She then is sent to where Ran is.
18 Uchikudaka: Kage Kyua Burūmingu
"Shattered: Shadow Cure Blooming "
Shadow Cure Blooming 5-8-16
When Floret reaches the area, a myserious girl who resembles Ran meets her. But when the girl is revealed to be Shadow Cure Blooming, Floret cannot fight her.
19 Kyūjo: Tōsha no Tokubetsu Yūjō
"Rescue: Our Special Friendship"
Shadow Cure Blooming 5-15-16
A shocked Floret can't fight her best friend, but after Petal encourages her, she accepts this fate and fights to save Ran.
20 Unmei: Kyua Burossamu
"Fate: Cure Blossom "
Kenen 5-22-16
After Shadow Cure Blooming was defeated, Ran reunites with her family, and everyone falls asleep. Somehow, Mei wakes up in a strange world, and the girl called "Cure Blossom" is there.
21 Odoroki: Kyua Burossamu Mirāju
"Surprise: Cure Blossom Mirage"
Kenen 5-29-16
During Ran's sleep, she wakes to be in a dream world, and waiting for her is the one called "Cure Blossom Mirage."
22 Tensei: Shinjitsu
"Reincarnation: The Truth"
Kyogi  6-5-16
Leaving off from the previous events, Mei and Ran learn the truth behind their Pretty Cure forms, as well as the visions and dreams they have had. They also learn about the Mirage Pretty Cures.
23 Manipyurēshon: Shiore
"Manipulation: Shiore"
Shiore 6-12-16
Waking up, Mei and Ran find a woman at the center of Hyakka, who claims to have waited for them. The woman turns out to be Shiore, who will destroy the world.
24 Hāto: Furōraru Godisu
"Heart: Floral Goddess"
Shiore 6-19-16
Shiore's history is revealed, with her tragic past. During the final battle, Petal uses the charm she was holding to transform, into a magical girl called Floral Goddess.
Shiore 6-26-16
Now with Floral Goddess on their side, the Cures will defeat Shiore and restore peace to the world.

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