Frost is one of the antagonist of Sweetheart Pretty Cure. He's one of the Dusk Kingdom along with Ivy and Boulder. His powers are based around ice.


He's man around his 30's with icy blue hair and eyes. His hair tied into a small ponytail. He wears a black business attire with an icy blue tie.


Frost is uncaring and cruel. He tends to be hard on Sayaka, and presumably abuses her.


Like most of the generals he can summon Oniwashi's using black crystals. He creates them by shouting :I command the, Oniwashi!" after placing a crystal on them.


In SHPC01 his suit was white in color, but was later changed to black to fit the villain theme.

His voice actor, Shin-ichiro Miki is best known for playing Jame/Kojiro from the Pokemon anime.

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