FriendShip Pretty Cure! is all about friendship.

FriendShip Pretty Cure!


Emiko Harumi - She is smart, wise, and energetic. She gets serious when she is fighting. She can get mad when someone bad-mouths her friends. She likes playing with people (especially her friends). Her theme color is pink, her alter ego is Cure Love.

Misora Minami - Minami has a mix emotion personality, but she is mostly kind to her friends and is energetic when she is fighting though she gets serious when she is studying. She is smart, causing her to become the Top 2 and is whishing to beat the Top 1 which is Sachi Ryouko. Her theme color is orange, her alter ego is Cure Courage.

Akari Chiyo - She is energetic and is good in singing. She comes from a rich family but doesn't really show it. She really cares for her friends. Her theme color is yellow, and her alter ego is Cure Care.

Satomi Yukino - She is an emotionless girl and is also very smart. She is in a separate school, and is the top 1 there. She shows no emetion even if her friends are hurt, but deep inside is she really cares for them. Her theme color is blue, and her alter ego is Cure Snowy.

Sachi Ryouko - She is a strong, brave girl. She came first before Cure Love. She is very smart and is the top 1 in her school. She doesn't accept defeat for she thinks it is the end of her life (she thinks it jokingly). Her theme color is green, her alter ego is Cure Kind.


Shine - Is Love's fairy partner. She is like a cat.

Fire - Is Courage's fairy partner- She looks like Raquel but with some differences.

Thunder - Is Care's fairy partner.

Icey - Is Snowy's fairy partner. She acts like Yukino, and is the most mature of all.

Wind - Is Kind's fairy partner- she acts like a big sister to all of them.

FriendShip Palace

Queen-sama - she is the queen of the FriendShip Palace, she was defeated by Mai-sama, and is turned into a kid again.


Shadow - Is the leader of the group. She have a small crush on Love/ Emiko Harumi. He also has a twin older brother and his name is Fuzen.

Kurai - He is a flirt, thus the reason why he flirts with Minami and the second youngest of the brothers. Has a twin older brother named Erai.

Yoru - A cheerful villain. (His brothers often teases him, saying that he is too cheerful to become the enemy and just join the pretty Cure's side) He like Akari. He is also the youngest of the brothers. He has a twin older  and his name is Tenma.

Ame - Is the eldest of them all. He is the most mature just like Yukino. In fact they are almost the same, him being emtionless. He is the twin older brother of Erai.

Hidoi - He is like Ryouko. And he also has an elder brother named Akki .

  • All of them are brothers, making 10 of them.

Mai-sama - their elder sister and the main villain.

Betray - The main monster of the series.

Betrayed - The upgraded form of betrays.


FriendShip Precure Bracelet - Transformation device.

Friendship Sword - Main weapon

FriendShip Magical Sword - upgraded weapon.

HeartLove Case - a case for collecting the Magical Peace and Powerful Peace.

Magical Peace - the main collectable items.

Powerful Peace - the piece that let them transform for their upgaraded form.

FriendShip make-up - are the main reason why the precures are fighting. They need to restore the FriendShip make-up.


HoshiiYuki All girls school- the school of the four cures

KisetsuHaru School - The school of Satomi Yukino.


  • The first pretty cure where all the cures have elder sister.
    • Same with the villians, they have older brothers.
  • The third series where the main villian is a female.
  • The first series where all villians are related to each other, Mai-sama , the main villian is the eldest sister of the Friendship Break!
  • The first series where all of the main heroine have a relationship with the villians.
    • Though, some of the past series have relationship with the villian, this is the first series where ALL of them have relationships.
  • The first series where all the male villians like the cures.



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