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Floweret Perfume (フローレットパフューム FurōrettoPafyūmu?) is the main transformation item in Floweret Pretty Cure! that allows the girls to transform into their respective alter egos. To activate the perfume’s powers, the girls need to shout “Pretty Cure, Floweret Activation!”.


The perfumes allow the girls to transform into their respective alter egos when they shout out the phrase “Pretty Cure, Floweret Activation!”.


The perfumes have a similar appearance to the Princess Perfumes from Go! Princess Pretty Cure, however they are still quite different. In contrast, they have a diamond like shape and the glass is a translucent cherry blossom pink and ice blue gradient. On the front, there is a circle shaped dent where the Floweret Charms are inserted.


Discovery of the first Perfume

After Serenity finished her singing practice and started walking to her dorm. She then saw a diamond shaped perfume like crystal and took to her dorm. Later that day, Zinnia discovered that Serenity has the perfume and tried to take it off Serenity, but eventually lost to Serenity after she scared Zinnia with her stare. Zinnia then coldly starts explaining that the perfume is actually the Floweret Perfume allowing the chosen ones to transform into Pretty Cure.

Discovery of the second Perfume



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