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Here is a list of Flower Precure DVD and Blu-ray releases.


Volume 1

Flower Precure DVD Cover 1


  • 01: The pink flower of love! Cure Tulip is born!
  • 02: Ahh! Cure Tulip's identity revealed!
  • 03: The blue flower of courage! Cure Bluebell is born!

Volume 2

Flower Precure DVD Cover 2


  • 04: The yellow flower of hope! Cure Daffodil is born!
  • 05: The mysterious new student, Cure Lilac returns!
  • 06: What!? Hana's Cure Lilac!

Volume 3

Flower Precure DVD Cover 3


  • 07: With the love and hope of all flowers! Flower Precure altogether!
  • 08: Born from the colours of the flowers! The Rainbow Ribbon!
  • 09: What?! Miss Glamour is who...!

Volume 4

Flower Precure DVD Cover 4


  • 10: Sakura's underwater adventure! Pt.1
  • 11: Sakura's underwater adventure! Pt.2
  • 12: Shining Bright! Sakura's dream!

Volume 5


  • 13: What?! We're going to the Flower Kingdom!
  • 14: Arienai! Sirena's my Sister!
  • 15: Sirena, let my harmony reach you

Volume 6


  • 16: Sirena's last stand!
  • 17: The orange flower of the heart's melody! Cure Marigold is born!
  • 18: The heart-breaking truth of Sakura!

Volume 7


  • 19: King Tempête and Sakura! The connection!
  • 20: Mom and Sakura! The loving harmony!
  • 21: The red flower of memories! Cure Poppy is born!

Volume 8


  • 22: Miyuki's nightmares are coming to life!? Is this to do with Sirena?
  • 23: The song of Miyuki!
  • 24: The green flower of luckiness! Cure Clover is born!

Volume 9


  • 25: Sakura and Monsieur Olivier! What is this feeling in our hearts?!
  • 26: King Tempête's last stand!
  • 27: The song of the flowers! Floral Harmony!

Volume 10


  • 28: To the Flower Destroyers' lair! Tulip's and Olivier's final battle!
  • 29: The Power Couple is born! Monsieur Olivier's redemption!
  • 30: The battle for love! Cure Tulip vs. Wilting Tulip!

Volume 11


  • 31: Courage vs. Darkness! Cure Bluebell's Blazin' Courage!
  • 32: Cure Daffodil's hope that shines through despair!
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