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Flower Precure Character Album ~May Richards~

Flower Precure Character Album ~Hoshina Sakura~ (フラワープリキュアキャラクターアルバム〜保科さくら〜 Furawāpurikyuakyarakutāarubamu 〜 Hoshina sakura 〜?, Also known as the "Flower Precure Character Album ~May Richards~) is a character album for the lead cure of Flower Precure, May Richards. The album features Japanese and English character songs of May Richards plus an opening sung by May as well.


Track number Song name Time
01 My Star of Love
02 Love Rainbow
03 Let's go! Flower Precure! (ver. May Richards)
04 Glistening Diamond Heart
05 Singing Crystal Love
06 Miracle... (With Belinda)
07 My Star of Love (original karaoke)
08 Love Rainbow (original karaoke)
09 Glistening Diamond Heart (original karaoke)
10 Singing Crystal Love (original karaoke)
11 Miracle... (original karaoke)
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