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FlPC Character Album ~Harukaze Sakura~

The Floretta Pretty Cure! Character Album ~Harukaze Sakura~ (フロレッタプリキュア! キャラクターアルバム〜春風さくら〜?) is the fourth character album of Floretta Pretty Cure!. This album consists of all of Harukaze Sakura/Cure Primavera's character songs for this season as well as her own version of the second ending song. The album will be released on the 15th September 2018.


Track # Title Time Audio
01 Future's Kindness ~Tomorrow's Bud!~
02 Primavera's Rhapsody ~Floral Beauty~
03 Flower of Courage and Dreams
04 Pink Dreaming Heart
05 Future's Kindness ~Tomorrow's Bud~
Orginal Karaoke)
06 Primavera's Rhapsody ~Floral Beauty~
(Original Karaoke)
07 Flower of Courage and Dreams
(Original Karaoke)
08 Pink Dreaming Heart
(Original Karaoke)
09 Wild Child
Cure Primavera ver.
キュアプリマヴェーラ ver.



Floretta Pretty Cure! Music
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Cure Primavera Future's Kindness ~Tommorrow's Bud!~Primavera's Rhapsody ~Floral Beauty~Flower of Courage and DreamsPink Dreaming HeartWild Child ~Cure Primavera ver.~
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