Floral Hurricane (フローラルハリケーン Furōraru harikēn) is Cure Rosary’s first finisher, first used in episode 4 to purify the Disharmonizer. Later on, this attack is upgraded to Rosary Illusion Wave (ロザリオイリュージョンウェーブ Rozarioiryūjon'u~ēbu).


Floral Hurricane is very similar to Milky Rose’s Blizzard attack in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo. Cure Rosary first turns in a circle and makes a fist with her left hand that starts to glow blue. She opens her fist and a big blue rose appears. She then shouts out the incantation which makes the rose separate into numerous petals attacking the enemy. The petals surround the enemy & it explodes.



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