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Mirai no Hikari! Ashita ni denwa!
Floretta Pretty Cure! episode 60
未来の光! 明日に電話!
"Light of the Future! Calling for Tomorrow!"
Episode Guide
Opening Eternal Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure!
Ending Wild Child ~Floretta Pretty Cure Ver.~
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Mirai no Hikari! Ashita ni Denwa! (未来の光! 明日に電話! Light of the future! Calling for Tomorrow!?) is the final episode of Floretta Pretty Cure!. This episode focuses on the 6 girls going their separate ways to their futures.


After the battle against Tenebris, the girls start to wonder what they are going to do now. Kiiroi announces that she'll be going back to Floratina along with Phlox and Poppy as Kiiroi will be crowned princess in the next few days, in which leaves the other 5 girls in tears. What are the other 5 girls going to do now as they have finally completed their mission and Kiiroi leaves them?


Major Events

  • Floretta Pretty Cure! finishes and is then followed by Floretta Pretty Cure! ~Kiseki no Yume~
  • Kiiroi, Phlox and Rose return to Floratina and Kiiroi announces that she'll become the new crowned princess of the kingdom
  • The other girls go their own ways to the future; Iris following her dream to become an idol, Alani becoming a famous fashion designer, Mizu training to become a soccer coach, Sakura studying to become a teacher and Akari learning to be a patissière.
  • Hanakawa Mahō makes a cameo appearance at the end of the episode, boarding a plane to return to Japan.


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