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Airisu no kurai kokoro! Kanashimi romatin wa modotte!
Floretta Pretty Cure! episode 34
アイリスの暗い心! 悲しみロマティンは戻って!
"Iris' dark heart! Sorrow Romatin is back!"
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Ending Wild Child
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Airisu no kurai kokoro! Kanashimi romatin wa modotte! (アイリスの暗い心! 悲しみロマティンは戻って! Iris' dark heart! Sorrow Romatin is back!?) is the 34th episode of Floretta Pretty Cure!.


"As Alani is taking care of Iris, Iris starts to scream in severe pain with a dark aura also surrounding her whilst also lifting her into the air. And with a sudden flash of evil energy, Sorrow Romatin emerges once again only with much more stronger powers!"


Major Events

  • Iris once again transforms into Sorrow Romatin, but with much more stronger powers
  • It is revealed that the Sorrow Romatin the cures see is just a shell and that Iris' good soul is residing in the Floretta Chest


Pretty Cure





  • This is the first ever Pretty Cure episode to not have an opening song.


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