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Kako akiraka ni! Kyuashiara no monogatari!
Floretta Pretty Cure! episode 22
過去明らかに! キュアシアラの物語!
"Past Revealed! The Story of Cure Ciara!"
Air date 07-07-2018
Episode Guide
Opening Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure!
Ending Floral Emotion
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Kako akiraka ni! Kyuashiara no monogatari! (過去明らかに! キュアシアラの物語!?) is the 22nd episode of Floretta Pretty Cure!. This episode focuses on the Cures learning the story of Cure Ciara.


When the 5 Cures enter Cure Ciara's palace, they find a book with an spirit of a young 5-year old girl embedded inside of the book. The girl tells the 5 that she is the good spirit of Cure Ciara and that her body was taken over by a evil spirit called Tenebris and was separated from her mortal body. What will happen from now on, now that the Cures know about Cure Ciara's past?

Major Events

  • The Cures learn about Cure Ciara's past
  • The Cures face Cure Ciara for the final time


Pretty Cure





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