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Himitsu akiraka ni! Kyua inosente wa daredesu ka?
Floretta Pretty Cure! episode 12
秘密明らかに! キュア・イノセンテは誰ですか?
"Secret Revealed! Cure Innocente is who...?!"
Air date 28-04-2018
Episode Guide
Opening Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure!
Ending Floral Emotion
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Himitsu akiraka ni! Kyua inosente wa daredesu ka? (秘密明らかに! キュア・イノセンテは誰ですか? Secret Revealed! Cure Innocente is who...?!?) is the 12th episode of Floretta Pretty Cure!. This episode focuses on Iris and the others trying to discover who Cure Innocente really is.


When Iris is too determined to discover who Cure Innocente, a young 11 year old girl tells her that the answer will be hard to find. Taking that advice, Iris transforms into Cure Romatin to search for Cure Innocente and takes off but quickly bumps into Rojo and Cremesi. After Romatin is beaten up by their Heartless, the young girl appears once again a transforms into Cure Innocente!

Major Events

  • Junsuina Akari makes her first appearance and is revealed to be Cure Innocente
  • The team asks Akari to join the team but she refuses due to their inexperience.


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