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Kagayaku! Sōzō-sei no densetsu!
Floretta Pretty Cure! episode 01
Cure Romatin Pose
輝く! 創造性の伝説!
"Shine! The legend of creativity!"
Episode Guide
Opening Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure!
Ending Floral Emotion
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Kagayaku! Sōzō-sei no densetsu! (輝く! 創造性の伝説! Shine! The legend of creativity!?) is the 1st episode of Floretta Pretty Cure!. The episode focuses on Hanayama Iris' first transformation into Cure Romatin.


As Hanayama Iris is walking home from school, she meets the flower fairy Phlox who tells Iris that she (Phlox) is searching for the legendary emotions Pretty Cure! Suddenly, a girl called Noir suddenly appears! What will Iris and Phlox do?!


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The episode begins with Iris writing in her diary for the first time whilst introducing herself. Her sister, Yume, then calls her down for dinner in which Iris replies that she is finishing her diary entry and just as she finishes the sentence, Yume calls Iris again. Iris then closes her diary and heads downstairs as the opening song plays.

After the opening plays, Iris is seen walking to school where she then meets up with Mikan'boshi Alani who then asks her about her weekend in which Iris replies to doing her usual stuff. The two then head off to class where a fairy-like figure flies behind the two. TBA...

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Pretty Cure






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