Five Elements (五大要素 Godai Yōso): is the first group attack from the Gonzo☆Pretty Cure!, first used in Episode 26.


The group attack with 5 Onmyouji-Precures but must used the Heisoku Gohei to performed. The group practices a great combine attack with their spiritual powers to defeating enemies. The Onmyouji-Precures gathers around to form a circle, holding their hands together to form a pentagram star and shaking their Heisoku Gohei with their left hands while the bell sounds were heard. The crimson beam raises from Cure Amaterasu, then the deep blue raises from Cure Tsukiyomi, the yellow beam raises from Cure Susanoo, the white beam raises from Cure Sakuya and finally the black beam raises from Cure Izanami. The five elements in the form of kanjis appear on the surface of the five rays, "火" "木" "土" "金" "水", these five rays will form a crimson phoenix, a blue dragon, a yellow kirin, a white tiger and a black tortoise who roared together to destroy their enemies.



All: Ten ni somukishi awarena kage yo, hito o kizutsuke otoshimete...

All: Gōsei hissatsu, Purikyua!

All: Godai Yōso!!

Cure Amaterasu: Hi!

Cure Tsukiyomi: Ki!

Cure Susanoo: Tsuchi!

Cure Sakuya: Kin!

Cure Izanami: Mizu!

Cure Amaterasu: Bōkyaku ni modoru!


All: 天に背きし憐れな影よ, 人を傷付け貶めて...

All: 合成必殺, プリキュア!

All: 五大要素!!

Cure Amaterasu: 火!

Cure Tsukiyomi: 木!

Cure Susanoo: 土!

Cure Sakuya: 金!

Cure Izanami: 水!

Cure Amaterasu: 忘却に戻る!


All: Pitiful shadow who turned his back from heaven, bringing torment and pain to others...

All: Combined overkill, Precure!

All: Five Elements!!

Cure Amaterasu: Fire!

Cure Tsukiyomi: Wood!

Cure Susanoo: Earth!

Cure Sakuya: Metal!

Cure Izanami: Water!

Cure Amaterasu: Return to oblivion!


  • The Five Elements are based and named after from the Japanese philosophy, come also from the Feng Shui (風水 Fūsui) and is derived from Buddhist beliefs.
  • However in the Japanese philosophy, the five elements are represented by the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void.
  • In Japanese language, Godai (五大) meaning "Five Greats".
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