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Together were invisible, and we won't let anyone get in the way of Oliver's master plan!
—Finn & Louis, to the Pretty Cure

Finn profile
Biographical Information
Season Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Home Place Britain
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity British
Gender Male Male
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Dirty-Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Trapeze Artist
Affiliation Pierrot's Circus
Personal Status
Relatives Louis (younger twin-sister)
Hobbies Tag
Favorite Food Bitter Chocolate
Anime Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Voice Actors

Finn is a character who appears in Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos. He is one of the flying trapeze artist of Pierrot's Circus, and conducts his circus performances alongside Louis, his younger twin-sister; together, they are known to be totally in sync.



Finn is a eighteen-year-old boy with golden eyes and short, thick dirty-blond hair and has his left side pinned away from his face with red clips. He also wears a black crown on his head. His outfit consists of a ruffled collar running vertically down his chest along with matching buttons, a black vest attached with puffy shorts with a huge striped bow on his left hip. His foot wear consists of blue tights; one is pale blue with white strips and the other is dark-blue with diamonds, and matching blue shoes with a white ball on each toe. His makeup consists of one blue heart painted under his left eye. He sometimes carries a blue fan, which he uses in his performances.


Finn is a flamboyant and energetic individual who is almost always smiling no matter what. He shares a strong connection with his older sister Louis and is usually the one keeping her in check or feeding onto her ego. Ultimately, Finn is amicable and demonstrates a sense of goodwill despite the severity of his memory wiping actions. He very much enjoys the company of others, as shown when he encourages Tora Narumi and Mitsue Sayuri to join in on the fun at the circus. When he does not understand what people are saying, he tends to assume they are making fun of him or his sister. He is also quick to make jokes without any consent from the individual he's making fun of.




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  • Etymology
    • Finn - Fair

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