Fincent Bay
(Past) Cure Alien - Zeta
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Green
Dark Green (Cure Aqua)
Eye ColorYellow
Green (Cure Aqua)
Home PlaceHalloween Hills
Seinarushima (current)
RelativesRoswell Bay(father)
Alter Ego(Previous) Cure Aqua
Theme ColorGreen & Teal
Power(s)Sea Monsters
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Monster Mania
First AppearanceEpisode 01 - Rise of the Vampire
SeiyuuMitsuki Saiga

Fincent Bay is Tomoko's future partner, one of the mascots of Pretty Cure Monster Mania and one of the original Precures from Halloween Hills.

At the start of the story he got turned into a small, green creature which resembles a small jellyfish, and is soon captured by Onibara. Orlok, Jacky and Larry manage to take Fincent's Hollow Changer with them but it seems broken and unfit for use. Until Tomoko comes into play and repairs it relatively easily, and thus inherits his powers.


Fincent is mostly calm and quiet, preferring to think before acting, which often puts him at odds with the impulsive Larry. Though, he can get angry over small and seemingly unimportant things. Like his sister, Fincent is very curious, and also loves to take notes. He loves exploration and discovery and gets excited over cultures and customs from humans.



Tomoko Hoshimoto





Cure Aqua

Cure Aqua was Fincent's Pretty Cure alter ego, before Tomoko. He used the green Hollow Changer to transform, by kissing it and saying: "Boo Boo Bogey! Monster Change!". His main colors were Green and Teal and he was represented by stars.


Cure Aquatic

Cure Aquatic is the upgraded form that Tomoko attains in Episode 30. By fusing with Fincent to become Cure Aquatic, which allows the maximum potential of the precure's powers to be released. In this form, the Cures can perform their strongest, combined, attack: Monster Mania




  • Fincent, along with Orlok and Larry, are the Author's only Male Cures.
  • Until recently Fincent used to be Zeta. He and Tomoko's story and design got some changes. They aren't related anymore and their respective monsters are a combination of Sea Monsters (think Gillman) and aliens. The Sea Monster race from Halloween Hills are distantly related to those from Tomoko's planet though.
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