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The Feather Bell Restaurant (はねかねレストラン Hanekane Resutoran?) is the restaurant owned by Ruby's family in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Its owners are Ayane, the daughter of the original owners, who takes care for the commerical and business stuff, and Daisuke. The Feather Bell is quite popular around the Feather Castletown suburb. The Akawane Twins, Ruby and Robin usually have to help out at the restaurant.


  • Akahane Ayane: Daughter of the original owners. Ayane mostly works as waitress and takes care for the business stuff behind the scenes.
  • Akahane Daisuke: Husband of Ayane, chef of the restaurant. Cooks a lot, sometimes helps Ayane with the papers. Rarely seen outside the kitchen when the restaurant is opened.
  • Akahane Ruby: Elder twin of the Akahane Twins. Helps out at the restaurant, usually does the shifts together with her sister. Used to skip her shifts. Tries to help out in the kitchen as well.
  • Akahane Robin: Younger twin of the Akahane Twins. Reliable girl who helps out at the restaurant and enjoys the work there even though she acts like she doesn't. Usually works as waitress, and stays out of the kitchen.






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