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Fantasy Clock (ファンタジークロック Fantajī Kurokku) is a watch-like item that appears as a transformation device from FantasyClock☆Precure. Each of the girls receives theirs from their fairy partners and it is shown to be connected to the Fantasy Charger. The transformation is activated through the phrase "Pretty Cure Fantasy Reflection Change!.


Each Fantasy Clock resembles another, the only difference being the outside colors, based on an theme color, while the gem heart inside is base on her type. The Fantasy Clock resembles a pocket watch with a gold border to match the border of the large pearl heart in the center, which appears darker than the base color. On top is a gold clover-shaped piece above a pearl sphere, for the user to connect it to a chain or string. Above the heart is a winged star.


  • So far FantasyClock☆PreCure are the only ones in the franchise who have watches as transformation devices.
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