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The following is a list of episodes in Fantastic! Pastel Jubilee Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Tsubomi no Yō ni Kawaii♡ Kyua Roripoppu Tanjō!
"Cute as a Button♡ Cure Lollipop is Born!"
Emile TBA
Super-cute 13-year-old middle school student Fukuhara Ayane is excited to start her second year of middle school when she suddenly encounters with Mirumi, a little fairy. She tells Ayane that her home, the Dreamy Star Realm, is fading into darkness and needs the Pretty Cure's help. Ayane dosen't want to become a Pretty Cure, since she isn't "ready" for it. But when Emile comes before her, she changes her mind and transforms into the warrior of love and happiness, Cure Lollipop!
02 Egao o Kakeru~♡ Kyua Ribon Tanjō!
笑顔をかける~♡ キュアリボン誕生!
"Put on a Smile~♡ Cure Ribbon is Born!"
Emile TBA
Ayane's best friend, Watanuki Hotaru has an infinite memory and hard-working brain. But, Ayane teaches Hotaru about the Dreamy Star Realm and why the Pretty Cure needs to save it. After school, Cure Lollipop attempts to revive one of her classmate's good heart, but is too strong for her -- until Hotaru desires to help her friend and becomes Cure Ribbon!
03 Aidoru ni Narou! Sing and Dance no Hōhō o Oshietekudasai
アイドルになろう! Sing and Dance の方法を教えてください
"Let's become Idols! Teach Us The Way to Sing and Dance"
Tsukiiro TBA

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