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There are very few policies which apply across all Fandom. These can be found on the Community Central at Community:Category:Policy.

This is the Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki Policy. All users, registered or unregistered, must contribute to this wiki by these rules or there will be consequences. If you or a user you know has questions or a problem of some sort, ask the admins. The currently active admins are Hickmanm, Le Pastiche, GotenSakurauchi, and Sweetangel823

General Wiki Rules

  • Per Fandom's Terms of Use, you must be 13 years or older to make an account here. If you reveal yourself to be under 13, your account will be blocked by an Admin, and disabled by Fandom Staff.
  • Any kind of vandalism is not tolerated. If you spot any vandalism or any suspicious edits, please revert it but do not engage with a revert war with a vandal. Please contact an Administrator (or if they aren't available, please report the vandal to SOAP) so they can take care of it.
    • If a user is encouraging/supporting another user to vandalize, the user will be receiving a longer block than the vandal.
  • Please do not edit on other's works without their permission, as this counts as vandalism and is not respectful for the content creators themselves.
    • If you just want to fix any grammar mistakes or formatting, that is fine as long you let the creator know in the Edit summary.
  • Abusing multiple accounts are not allowed. If you are using an alternate account to evade a block, harassing other users or anything else that causes trouble for the community, your alternate account will be permanently blocked by any means.
    • Repeated offense will increase the length of the ban on your main account.
  • Be kind and respectful to all other users, including the Administrators.
  • Please only edit your own user page, not anyone else's unless you have the permission from the user themself.

Page Creation Policy

  • Do not create too short pages.
    • Any page created must reach a word requirement of 50 words excluding a potential infobox and/or templates. If you are unsure about on how many words your page uses, we recommend you using a word counter online.
    • Any blank pages will be deleted without warning.
    • Violation will result in a notice in that page's comments, and unless reminded within 7 days, the page will be deleted. Repeated offense will result in a warning on your message wall. Any new short pages created after the warning message will also be deleted as well alongside the old ones that hasn't been expanded within the 7 day period.
  • Remember to use appropriate categories for your pages.

Copyright and Rip-off Policy

  • Do not copy content other people have created. Coincidences are completely fine, and so are incidents resulting from similar themes. If you suspect someone has copied your content, bring it up with an admin and let them make a decision.
    • This also includes re-colors of other fanarts, some authors doesn't allow their fanart to be recolored. Please respect that.
  • Do not create pages that are direct copied from another fanseries or canon Pretty Cure series with only the names changed. If you believe that a page is a rip-off of another page, be sure to use put the rip-off template on the top of the page.
    • If you have made a rip-off page, you will be getting a warning message on your message wall to change the page's content. If you haven't changed the content or if the message has been ignored within 3 days of the message, the page will be deleted and you will be blocked per our blocking system.
  • Please do note if a character happens to share the same name as another character from another series (e.g. Hibiki Hanabi shares the same name as Hibiki Tachibana from Symphogear and Hibiki Hojo from Suite Pretty Cureâ™Ș) doesn't make them a rip-off.

Cure Names

  • If a character happens to share the same Cure name, do not tell them to change the name. Always check the history of the page before commenting and check the first edit of the page (e.g. Natsume Kohaku (Cure Summer) was created back in 2015 when Go! Princess Pretty Cure was airing, and Natsuumi Manatsu was created in 2020). Just let the pages be if they happens to share a Cure name as a canon Cure. It's up to the creators themselves if they want to change the name or not, and not you.
  • It is allowed to name Cures after a canon Cure name, as long their theme is different (e.g. Cure Mint from Pretty Cure Tea Party! has her theme as mint tea and Cure Mint from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and GoGo has her theme as tranquility).

Adoption Guidelines

As some users have made pages, but when time passes they don't work on them anymore and let other users take over their work which sometimes can be confusing to others (and sometimes us Admins as well). There are some rules regarding adoption that everyone needs to follow:

  • When a user puts their work for adoption, they need to mention it on the page itself or in the comments.
    • If nothing is mentioned there, the user who wants to adopt the work must to message the creator on their message wall on this wiki if they are fine with the adoption of their work. If there's no conversation between the two users (or any kind of communication) is shown on this wiki, the edit will be reverted.

Marking Redirects for Deletion

This wiki, just like all of the other wikis has redirects, those are created when a page is renamed. Due to the massive amout of redirects being marked for deletion with invalid or ridiculous reasons, this new policy applies to everyone on the wiki.

  • Before marking a redirect for deletion, always be sure to check WhatLinksHere so there won't be any red links on other pages.
    • If the redirect isn't created by you, always message the original creator about it on their message wall on this wiki if they are fine with it. Otherwise, this will be reverted. This can also be counted as editing on other's work as of rule number 3 under General Wiki Rules.
    • When marking a redirect for deletion, always state a good and valid reason why it should be deleted; reasons such as the redirect is "useless" and "undeeded" are invalid reasons and will be reverted. If the deletion reason is "author request" but the first editor is another user than the one who marked the redirect, the edit will be reverted.
    • When an Admin (and/or the creator of the redirect) reverts the edit, do not start a revert-war.

Please do note that redirects are good for some purposes as well, some examples are listed below:

Acceptable and Unacceptable Content

This wiki is a place to put Pretty Cure fan series, fan photos, and pretty much fan anything related to Pretty Cure.  If the original content is not yours (eg. Love Live! or PriPara) put a disclaimer at the bottom to say it's not yours, and this is a must. However, you are not allowed to use fan work that you haven't created. It falls under copyright and a disclaimer is not enough in that case.

But as the wiki name suggests, this is a wiki for fanfiction related to Pretty Cure. Content about the canonical Pretty Cure, such as pages for the new Pretty Cure episode, should be put on the Pretty Cure Wiki and not here unless it is about how much you love it or asking people things like who's their favorite cure which should be done on a user's message wall, in a blog post, or discussions.  Fanfiction that is not related to Pretty Cure does not belong here.

Any content that glorifies violence in any way is deemed unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, torturing characters, excess amount of blood, violence, crime and genocide.

Content that intentionally insults people of other countries, cultures or races is also not acceptable. Being kind and understanding is key.

Language Usage

This is an English speaking wiki. You are expected to use proper language in your articles. Mistakes are alright, but excessive amounts of this is not. If you have problems with the English language for any reason, please do not hesitate to ask someone for help!

Contractions like "isn't" and "can't" are okay to be used in pages, but using texting language ( e.g. c u l8r for "see you later") is not allowed. Similarly, curse words are not allowed.

The golden rule, 'treat others like you wish to be treated' also applies. This means that you should be civil with other users on this site, even if you may have a disagreement with them. No issues will be solved by yelling. Calmly bring issues up with the admins instead.

Terminology usage

Do not misuse the words used for movies and series. If you don't understand how to use the words, ask an admin, or read the terminology list below:

  • Crossover

A crossover is when a Pretty Cure season(s), canonical, or fan-made "crosses over" into a movie with 1 or more series not in the Pretty Cure franchise or a Pretty Cure season you made. Examples of these are Techieberry38's Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure and Winx Club Enchanted Crossover: Let Your Hearts Shine! Cures and Fairies come as one! or Starmix03's Super Hero All Stars (All Stars is just the name). If your movie or series has a term not used for the type of series or movie, add a note saying it is a crossover.

  • All Stars

All Stars movies are when 5 or more Pretty Cure fan series, possibly including canonical ones star in a movie together. Villains either team up under a new boss or fuse, but how they come together is up to you! All Stars have protagonists made of only Pretty Cure.  Protagonists from other media will make the movie fit under the crossover category.

  • Fandom of Pretty Cure All Stars

This is a special type of All Stars. It's no different besides that either all or a few users make a movie with the protagonists being the Pretty Cure from either all or some of their fan series. Fandom of Pretty Cure All Stars are group projects, so ask the user you want to work with if it's okay first.

  • Fan Series

This one is simple; it's a made-up Pretty Cure series! Just make sure the only protagonists are your fan-made cures and their companions. This also applies to villains as antagonists. A non-movie project (e.g. Diverse Connections Pretty Cure!) produced by multiple users counts as this.

  • Fan Movie

A Fan Movie is a movie for your fan series. The canonical Pretty Cure series all have them (Except for Futari Wa), so why can't your fan series have one too? Fan Movies can have all new villains, all-new allies, and an all-new world to save but it is just the Pretty Cure team from your fan series fighting or else it's not a fan movie.

  • Dual Project

A movie or series with a 2 to 4 fan series fits this title.

Picture/Video Rules

Like any wiki, this is not a video or image dump, and you shouldn't be dumping random pictures or random videos in this wiki or any other wiki. An anime picture to describe what a character looks like is okay but there cannot be any sexualized pictures. Not all videos must be something of your fan series but videos for the sake of entertainment must be Pretty Cure related and must stay on user pages. There will be no explicitly sexual content. Gore/violence is acceptable when not explicitly shown. You may hint towards violence, but nothing overt will ever be allowed on this wiki.



Bans are seldom placed on a first offense.

Blocking (sometimes called banning) is the worst sort of punishment you can get. It means you can't edit, you can't make your profile look cool, and well, pretty much not be able to do anything except reading. Creating a new account won't get you out of it, and so you just have to wait until it's over. Getting blocked is usually not for a hundred years - but being blocked for a day is bad enough, isn't it? It only takes one block to deal a hard blow to your reputation. Only admins can give blocks, but any user can ask that someone gets blocked for a serious reason such as vandalism, ignoring warnings, harassing a user, or incessant usage of bad language. The more serious version of the block is the global block, which only Fandom Staff can give. To deserve such a punishment means you have disrupted many Fandom communities.

But no one likes giving blocks as much as no one likes getting them - not the admins, not the Fandom Staff nor the user(s) in question. Please take any warnings.


You will receive a warning by an admin if you have violated any of the rules stated on this page. One warning does not impact your position on the wiki, but should be heeded.

If you ignore the warning, you will receive another, and will be blocked for one week. If you continue to ignore the warning, you will receive another, and be banned for one month.

You can receive warnings for different things and they do normally count separately, but depending on factors such as the amount of time between acts warranting warnings, your demeanour regarding the warning and so on, may cause the admins to come to the conclusion that it is for the best to block you for a time.

You are allowed to ask the admin posting the warning to elaborate why you received a warning. You may also ask another admin to reconsider whether you deserve the warning or not.


A clean-up is when a user, admin or otherwise, edits a page not their own to correct a mistake - commonly a spelling error or the like. Users doing this are encouraged to notify an admin about it, but are also strongly encouraged to note what they changed in the summary box. A clean-up is nothing to worry about.

Warnings and Blocking System

If any of the rules has been broken, a warning (or a block under certain circumstances) will be given out to the user.

  1. If you've been breaking the rules for the first time, a warning message will be post on your message wall. If the first violation is serious (such as multiple cases of vandalism) a warning message will not be posted on your wall, instead you will be blocked for 1 week.
  2. If the first warning has been ignored and repeated violations, a block will be applied to your account. The block lasts 1 week.
  3. If the rules keep being violated after the previous block, a new block will be applied to your account. The block lasts 1 month.
  4. If the rules keep being violated after the previous block, a new block will be applied to your account. The block lasts 3 months.
  5. If the rules keep being violated after the previous block, a new block will be applied to your account. The block lasts 6 months.
  6. If the rules keep being violated after the previous block, a new block will be applied to your account. The block lasts 1 year.
  7. If you have broken the rules after the 1 year block, your account will be blocked infinite. And if you have made any fanseries and pages related to them, these will be deleted as well alongside the block.

If you feel you have been unfairly blocked on the wiki and wish to appeal the block and if they has not allowed you to edit on your wall, you can contact the blocking Admin on their message wall at Community Central.