Fanciful Kingdom (架空王国 Kakū Ōkoku) is Bukku, Kuiru, King Sutori, Queen Peiji, Hikaru Ōmitsu, and Kuroizado's homeland in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. It is ruled by Bukku and Kuiru's parents, the King and Queen. It is a world full of magic and believe in peace and hope.

In Episode 20, it is revealed by Kuiru that Kuroizado had taken over Fanciful Kingdom and corrupted it with dark magic, giving birth to evil kingdom and nightmares, Desolate Castle.

About the Kingdom

The inhabitants are fairies along with wizards and other mythical creatures that live in peace with each other. The all follow their dreams, teach and help others with their wisdom, bringing smiles and strength with magic, but never forgetting to love and be loved.

The kingdom is ruled by the King and Queen along with a Royal Wizard who gives the rulers wisdom and power to make their kingdom flourish and protect their people from harm of dark forces.


One Hundred Years Ago

Once Upon A Time...a hundred-years-ago, there was a dark being that tried to destroy Fanciful Kingdom and make everyone fall into the darkness of sorrow and despair. However, the being was defeated by the Pretty Cure and imprisoned on the edge of their world.

The Royal Wizards

In Fanciful Kingdom, there is a Royal Wizard that serves the King and Queen to their kingdom flourish and be protected by dark forces. One of the strongest wizards known as Hikaru who later trained Kuroizado, who would eventually take his place as the new Royal Wizard. One day, Hikaru fell in love with a human girl named Juri. He felt Fanciful Kingdom and the position of Royal Wizard to Kuroizado to be with the woman he loved, unaware that his loyal pupil would turn to dark magic.


Kuroizado managed to unleash the dark being who, as gratitude, created Desolate Castle and the Dark Charm Knights who helped the dark being to finally take over Fanciful Kingdom.

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