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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Watashi no saikō no egao! Kyō wa watashi wa yōsei ni aimasu!
"My Supreme Smile! Today I Meet A Fairy!!"
Linda, Xoanon, Thames 2016-03-17
Imari Suzukawa has recently started at Minwa Academy, the top school in Yūkibarano and hopes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the richest prodigies, but get kicked out of another club and her best friend, Yū Shiraishi, is sad for her but still believes she will find her place. When Imari goes out to get some air, something falls out of the sky and lands right on her face. That something is Bukku, the Prince from somewhere called Fanciful Kingdom and he's not alone. Evil beings known as the Dark Charm Knights are after him. Now it's up to Imari to protect Bukku. But how will she do it?
02 Yume no purikyua! Kyuafeiburu ga umareru!
"The Pretty Cure of Dreams! Cure Fable is Born!!"
Xoanon 2016-03-24
Imari has transformed into Cure Fable and was told that she is one of the four legendary Pretty Cure. But Imari doesn't have much time to thing before she has to fight the Dark Charm Knights: Linda, Xoanon, and Thames and their monster, a Endingu. How will Imari defeat the Endingu and the Dark Charm Knights.
03 Watashi no himitsu o mamorou to shite iru! Ganbattene!
"Trying to Keep My Secret! Good Luck with That!!"
Thames 2016-03-31
After learning a little bit more about her responsibility as a Pretty Cure (no thanks to Bukku), Imari has to keep her secret from everyone. Her family, her classmates, even her best friend. Only one problem: Imari is the worst at keeping secrets. Can Imari do it?
04 Kyuafeiburuzufaitobakku! Purehātobukku no himitsu no chikara!
"Cure Fable's Fight Back! The PreHeartBook's Secret Power!!"
Thames 2016-04-07
Imari is having troubles facing a new Endingu. But when she discovers a new power from her PreHeartBook, can she come back and defeat the Endingu?
05 Purikyuafankurabu! Pāto ichi!
"PreCure Fan Club! Part 1!!"
Xoanon 2016-04-14
Imari shows up to school one day and finds that her upperclassman, Tsubaki Nīmi, has started a PreCure Fan Club and wants Imari to become her first member. However, the student council president, Masato Kashima, won't allow it and Tsubaki becomes determined to find enough members to make her club a reality. If Tsubaki does, will Imari become a member of her own fan club?
06 Purikyuafankurabu! Pāto ni!
"PreCure Fan Club! Part 2!!"
Xoanon 2016-04-21
When Imari's classmate, Tsubaki, becomes a target of the Endingu, Imari can protect her without revealing her Pretty Cure secret?
07 Bukku suitchā Tomooka ni aimashou!
"Bukku Switcheroo! Meet Tomoka!!"
Linda 2016-04-28
When Imari Suzukawa accidentally runs into one of her upperclassman, they unwittingly grab each others book bag, Bukku pops out and comes face-to-face with Masato Kashima's best friend, Tomoka Fukumoto. Not only is Imari's secret exposed but an Endingu starts attacking the school and Tomoka has her PreHeartBook! Can Tomoka get Imari's PreHeartBook back to her in time or will Tomoka play a bigger role than she expected to?
08 Chie no purikyua! Kyuā Mythical ga umaremashita!
"The Pretty Cure of Wisdom! Cure Mythical is Born!!"
Linda 2016-05-05
Not only did Imari transform into an Endingu but her schoolmate, Tomoka, ends up being the second Pretty Cure, Cure Mythical. Will Tomoka be able to defeat her own teammate or will she also fall to despair?
09 Kokoro no mondai! Yuka no jirenma!
"Matters of the Heart! Tomoka's Dilemma!!"
Thames 2016-05-12
Although Tomoka is the new Pretty Cure, she struggles to find the courage to take all the immense responsibility. Will Imari lose her new teammate already?
10 Kanjō-teki ni hayarimashita! Butsuri-teki ni watashi wa hohoemu!
"Emotionally I'm Done! Physically I Smile!!"
Thames 2016-05-19
Tomoka loses the ability to transform so Cure Fable has to find the Endingu also. Can she win or will Tomoka find a way to jump in to save her?
11 Suzukawa-ka ni aimashou! Pāto ichi!
"Meet the Suzukawa Family! Part 1!!"
N/A 2016-05-26
To help cheer up her former teammate, Imari invites Tomoka to her house and meet her family in hopes of becoming closer and giving Tomoka a reason to fight as a Pretty Cure again. Will her plan work?
12 Suzukawa-ka ni aimashou! Pāto ni!
"Meet the Suzukawa Family! Part 2!!"
Thames 2016-06-02
Meeting Imari's mom, dad, and little sister, Izumi, Tomoka gets to known Imari better and why she chooses to be a Pretty Cure and protect her family. But will Tomoka find the same reason to fight?
13 Daburu toraburu! Anata o shinrai shite imasu!
"Double Trouble! I Believe in You!!"
Thames 2016-07-09
When Imari's family is attacked by twin Endingu, one goes chasing after Tomoka and Bukku. Imari can't fight both on her own. With Bukku's support, Tomoka must make her chose, be a Pretty Cure again or let Imari be defeated.
14 Deidorīmugādenzu! Dai 3-kai purikyua!
"Daydream Gardens! The Third Pretty Cure!!"
Linda 2016-08-04
Imari and Tomoka go to Daydream Gardens to have fun and become as close as friends. But when an unexpected enemy attacks, will another Pretty Cure appear to same them?
15 Mahō no purikyua! Kyuā enchanto wa jibun o akiraka ni suru!
"The Pretty Cure of Magic! Cure Enchant Reveals Herself!!"
Xoanon 2016-08-12
Imari and Tomoka found their third teammate but have no clue who she is.
16 Bukku no otōto? Hajimete no ōji-sama!
"Bukku's Brother?! The Firstborn Prince!!"
Xoanon 2017-04-01
Not only is the richest girl in Minwa Academy, Nijiko Ōmitsu, is Cure Enchant but her fairy partner is, Kuiru, Bukku's older brother and the heir to the Fanciful Kingdom's throne. Not only that, but it appears that Bukku and Kuiru's relationship is strained. What happened between the two brothers and what knowledge does Kuiru have that can help the Pretty Cure team?
17 Niji kono unsei! Kanojo no kakushi majikku!
"Nijiko's Fortune! Her Hidden Magic!!"
Linda 2017-04-24
Tomoka and Nijiko are butting heads and rubbing each other the wrong way as teammates and Imari wants to help build their bonds and become stronger teammates that can trust each other wholeheartedly. But is Nijiko exactly and what makes her special enough to be the Pretty Cure of Magic?
18 Ōkoku wa dono yō ni taki! Pāto 1!
"How A Kingdom Falls! Part 1!!"
Linda, Xoanon, Thames 2017-05-24
Bukku's story that tells of his past in Fanciful Kingdom and how Fanciful Kingdom fell and Kuroizado came to power.
19 Ōkoku wa dono yō ni taki! Pāto 2!
"How A Kingdom Falls! Part 2!!"
N/A 2017-06-24
The Pretty Cure team learn that Bukku was born without a single speak of magic in his body. Not only that, but he was close friends with Kuroizado, helped him preform dark magic, and, after the dark wizard was banished, let him back into the castle which allowed him to take over Fanciful Kingdom. Through Bukku's selfish desire to escape his mistakes, Bukku escapes through a portal that was meant for his brother.
20 Bukku o setsuyaku suru! Kōryō to shita shiro e!

ブックを節約する!荒涼とした城へ !
"Save Bukku! To Desolate Castle We Go!!"

N/A 2017-07-01
Bukku sacrificed himself to be taken by the Dark Charm Knights in order to save the Pretty Cure team. But Imari, Tomoka, and Nijiko aren't taking that lying down and are on their way to Desolate Castle. Will they be able to save Bukku?
21 Kējipurinsesu! Sayonara Xoanon?
"The Caged Princess! Goodbye Xoanon?!!"
Xoanon 2017-07-20
Inside of Desolate Castle, Imari, Tomoka, and Nijiko get seperated. Nijiko finds Xoanon, Tomoka finds Bukku and Kuiru's trapped citizens, including the King and Queen, and Imari finds a fairytale princess trapped inside the castle. Will they be able to escape Desolate Castle?
22 Horonigai ritān! Egao no uragawa!
"A Bittersweet Return! Behind the Smile!!"
N/A 2017-07-31
Imari, Tomoka, and Nijiko manage to save Bukku, but at the cost of Imari's PreHeartBook being destroyed by Xoanon. But instead of being sad that she lost the ability to transform, Imari is smiling brightly. This worries Tomoka and Nijiko. What is Imari hiding behind that cheerful smile?
23 Atarashī tenkōsei! Temuzu no shimei!
"New Transfer Student! Thames's Mission!!"
Thames 2017-08-01
To steal the rest of the PreHeartBooks, Thames takes on the alter ego of Ryoma Aisaki and transfers to Minwa Academy to get closer to Tomoka and Nijiko. Will his plan work?
24 Kyōdai no kenka! Kuiru no hontō no yume!
"A Brother's Quarrel! Kuiru's True Dream!!"
N/A 2017-08-23
Bukku and Kuiru's relationship is still bitter, but Imari has a plan to rebuild their bond. Will it work or will the two brothers be farther than ever?
25 Masato wa shitsujidesu ka? Tomodachi ni naremasu ka? !
"Masato is a Butler?! Can We Be Friends?!!"
Linda 2017-10-11
Imari discovers that the student council president, Masato Kashima, is not only Tomoka's best friend, but also her secret butler.
26 Kazoku shinboku-kai! Toshihiro to Tomokazu!
"Family Reunion! Toshihiro and Tomokazu!!"
N/A 2017-12-18
Tomoka's brothers, Toshihiro and Tomokazu comes over for a visit. Toshihiro is back from medical school and Tomokazu is back in hopes of fixing his relationship with their father. Will they be able to heal this broken family or will Tomoka's family be targeted by Endingu.
27 Chie no merodi! Kyōyū suru himitsu!
"The Melody of Wisdom! Secrets We Share!!"
Linda 2018-01-10
With Linda turning Tomoka's brother into an Endingu and becomes cornered with Masato, Tomoka is face with a tough decision: transform in front of him or hope for a miracle.
28 Chichi no negai! Watashi no niji!
"A Father's Wish! My Rainbow!!"
Unknown 2018-05-23
With one of the legendary Fairytale Instruments, Nijiko hopes to find hers to become stronger and step in as the new leader. But first, Nijiko must face her demons and her mom. Will Nijiko let go of the past or hold a grudge against her mom forever?
29 Niji kono fianse? Rumiērumajikku!
"Nijiko's Fiancé?! Lumière Magique!!"
N/A 2019-06-11
Imari and Tomoka meets Nijiko's fiancé, Yasuharu Taiki, who has just returned from France and has been engaged to her since they were little kids in order to save their two households. When Yasuharu is targeted by Endingu, Nijiko must come to understand her true feelings in order to save him.
30 Pinku to burū no mae ni! Nanji ni atta no ka!
"Before Pink and Blue! How Nijiko Met Kuiru!!"
Xoanon 2019-12-27
Nijiko's story of how she met Kuiru, learned about her father's past, and how she became Cure Enchant.
31 Ryūma wa dēto ni iku? Aiwokomete sakusei sa rete imasen!
"Ryoma Goes On a Date?! Not Created to Love!!"
Thames 2019-05-26
With his growing curiosity for humans, Ryoma is shown around the city by Imari and begins to struggle with unnamed feelings that he conflicted with Kuroizado and his own desires.
32 Imari wa dō yatte Meiwa gakuin ni nyūgaku shimashita ka?! Pāto 1!!
"How did Imari get into Minwa Academy?! Part 1!!"
N/A 2020-01-01
Riri and her best friends Hina Kotorida and Kanon Akitsuki are students at Monogatari Middle School and, along with their classmates, greatly admire Minwa Academy. Hina dreams of one day going there. When she has the chance to enroll in their student exchange program, will she take it, or will Hina spend her friends Riri down the path she was destined to?
33 Imari wa dō yatte Meiwa gakuin ni nyūgaku shimashita ka?! Pāto 2!!
"How did Imari get into Minwa Academy?! Part 2!!"


Ever since Masato Kashima crossed paths with Imari, his life had turned upside down. Monsters attacking the school, Pretty Cure, Tomoka being a Pretty Cure, and Imari finding out about his secret. But, without Imari, Masato would still be the boy who never cared about anything. Masato can't help but wonder...who is Imari to him?

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