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Fairy Dreams Pretty Cure!
フェアリードリームズ プリキュア!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongTake Flight! Fairy Dreams Pretty Cure!
Ending SongSoaringXDreaming
Series Info

Fairy Dreams Pretty Cure! (フェアリーリムズプリキュア! Fearīdorimuzupurikyua!?) is a fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. Like Magic Prism Pretty Cure!, Fairy Dreams! will not be apart of Kiseki's "canon" series. The series motifs are fairies, dreams and hope.



Pretty Cure

  • Tanoshiku Yumemiru (楽しいゆめみる Tanoshiku yumemiru?) / Cure Fae (キュアフェイ Kyuafei?) / Delight (ディライト Diraito?)
    The lead cure of the series. Yumemiru is a serious 15-year old who loves reading about fairies, however she is more concentrated on her studies. After meeting Sylph and obtaining the Fairy Scepter, Yumemiru can transform into Cure Fae, the fairy of love and miracles whose theme colour is pink. In La Féerie, her name is Delight.
  • Asano Mitsu (浅野みつ Asano mitsu?) / Cure Reverie (キュアレヴェリエ Kyuarevu~erie?) / Wonder (ワンダー Wandā?)
    Energetic and a daydreamer, Mitsu is often clumsy and can often get into trouble. After meeting Sylph and obtaining the Fairy Scepter, Mitsu can transform into Cure Reverie, the fairy of light and dreams whose theme colour is yellow. In La Féerie, her name is Wonder.
  • Midoriiro Sekai (緑色世界 Midoriiro sekai?) / Cure Cosmos (キュアコスモス Kyuakosumosu?) / Fauna (ファウナ Fauna?)
  • Soramizu Aoka (空水青化 Soramizu aoka?) / Cure Zephyr (キュアゼファー Kyuazefā?) / Gale (ゲイル Gairu?)
  • Homura Akai (焔赤い Homura akai?) / Cure Cerise (キュアスリーズ Kyuasurīzu?) / Cherry (チェリー Cherī?)
  • Murasakibaru Hogaraka (紫原朗らか Murasakibaru hogaraka?) / Cure Melodic (キュアメロディック Kyuamerodikku?) / Harmony (ハーモニー Hāmonī?)
  • Aisuru Taiyō (愛する太陽 Aisuru taiyō?) / Cure Aubade (キュアオーバデ Kyuaōbade?) / Sunlight (サンライト Sanraito?)
  • Aisuru Tsuki (愛する月 Aisuru tsuki?) / Cure Dyana' (キュアディアナ Kyuadiana?) / Moonlight (ムーンライト Mūnraito?)

La Féerie






  • This is the second series after Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! where the Pretty Cure attend two separate schools.
  • This is the first series where the lead cure has an ombré in civilian form



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