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The first movie for Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure! staring Cure SweetHeart and Cure BlueFire.


Cure SweetHeart and Cure BlueFire get into a huge fight but must make up in order to save the world from the evil clutches of Sir Evil.

It is Sunday and Sakura and Emi are off to do some shopping.  They suddenly start fighting over which store to go to.  They then leave and go their seperate ways.

Sakura starts to think about how she and her older sister are fighting alot lately and wishes they would make up already, Emi feels the exact same way about everything.  This all started last week when Sakura had to fight and defeat a meanie all by herself because Emi was too busy with idol work and could not come to help.

Then all of a sudden Princess Evil's boy friend Sir Evil has come to cause trouble as usual.  He turns a tall building into a very dangerous meanie to destroy the city of Tokyo.  So Sakura and Emi transform into their pretty cure forms to fight the monster. 

But when they try to fight the meanie they can't do anything but argue  and yell at eachother.  The meanie hits them against a wall and they get covered in stone.  As they sit under the wrecked building they talk .

Sakura says that she is kind of jealous of Emi's popularity and Emi says that she wish's she could get grades as goods as Sakura's.  They both realize that they have been really selfish lately and make up. 

Their love for each other blows away the rubble and frees them.  Sakura then says, "The Sweet Heart of Purity, Cure SweetHeart", and Emi says, "The Lightning Flame of Music, Cure BlueFire", They then say together, "Together With Our Power of Friendship and Love! Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure".

Because their sisterly love is 10 times stronger then usual, they gain a tempory weapon called the Fairy Hope Sword, a very powerful sword like weapon.  With it, they use a new attack called "Love Hope Sword Shimmer".  The attack repairs the city and returns everyhing to normal in seconds.  

Sakura and Emi then see the swords disappear and hear the words "Sky and Precure Fly". They then turn back to normal and go back to shopping.  But they wonder what those words could mean.


- This is the first movie by CureSailorMoon1617.

- This Movie is about 40 minutes long.

- The Movie takes place within the series.

- This is the first appearance of the Fairy Hope Sword.

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