Fabiry/Koizumi Romoko
ファビリ/小泉 ろもこ
Fabiri/Koizumi Romoko
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 2
Hair ColorGray(fur)
Eye ColorViridian
Home PlaceLegendia Kingdom(formerly)
Booker Town(currently)
Alter EgoKoizumi Romoko
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
First AppearanceHyPC01

Fabiry (Fabiri ファビリ?) is one of the main mascots of the series Hyper Pretty Cure!. He is Cure Aurai's mascot partner. His alter ego is Koizumi Romoko (小泉 ろもこ?).


Fabiry is organized and depends on Earth's technology than his own strength or others. He dreams to be a teacher in either both dimensions because he is friendly to children but has a rivalry relationship with Mythiry as both are good at studying and use it as a competition.


Gathering the Cures

To prevent the Discordians from taking over the rest of the Legendia Kingdom,Queen Concordia allowed the main mascots to find the Cures. They ended up in Booker Town where they found the first three Cures,Akamenu Aida,Hanataba Sakura and Mizuno Minako.HyPC01,HyPC02,HyPC03

Fabiry found Douji potential to be a Pretty Cure but says it is impossible for him to be one because he is male as he made a research about it and saw most Cures are female. Fabiry tries his best to make him believe but he then goes to the point that he cannot change others beliefs. When Douji saw his friends in trouble he then had no choice but to transform into a female Cure,which Fabiry is happy to learn about that he is ready.HyPC04



Fabiry being the youngest of the group is the most naive of them all. He mostly argues with Mythiry about who is the smartest between them. In most cases he actually cares for Mythiry as he is willing to protect her in many situations she goes into without thinking.

Tsutsuji Douji

Douji is his Cure partner. Douji treats Fabiry as his younger brother. He enjoys the luxury that Douji's family gives him which mostly makes Douji very guilty about it. Fabiry also enjoys his time with Douji.


Poetry is his older brother.



As a pegasus,he has the ability to fly but unlike the other pegasus' in his family he can fly very fast and was given a record back then having the golden wings.


Fabiry: comes from the word fables a story with a moral lesson that uses animals or an object as characters.

Koizumi (小泉?): means small fountain.

Romoko (ろもこ?): Fabiry chose the name because it would fit with Mythiry's human name Momoko which does rhyme.


  • He shares the same voice actress with Minako from the same series.
  • Before Royary made her debut,he is the only one of the mascots to not have his name begin with "M".
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